Improve Your Air Quality at Home With an Alpine Air Purifier

The Alpine air purifier from EnviroQuest International is easily recognized by its design.

Most of the products have the appearance of a square piece of equipment and resemble and old fashioned boxy radio with a wood framed casing.

One of the first bits of information on the Alpine air purifier website is a warning to consumers to beware of copycat products. The unit comes with a serial number attached that verifies the legitimacy of the product and the dealer.

The company seems quite concerned about the potential of unauthorized distributors selling the products online and claims their website is the only authorized retailer for this purification system.

Though it is not clear why there is such a focus on models sold with no serial number, the problem may be due to the popularity and price of the products. The design is distinctive and recognizable as a high quality air purification system.

The prices are at the higher end of such products and this alone could lead to sales of knockoff products. The website goes as far as providing a list of sites to avoid when buying air cleaners.

Alpine Air Purifier

Products and Pricing

The best selling items in the Alpine air purifier product line are the Fresh Air and Classic models in the Living Lightning series. At $897, the Fresh Air LA-3500 eliminates smoke, odors and chemical gases form the air. The sanitizing feature will kill mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, viruses and other germs that are airborne.

Dust, dust mites, pollen and pet dander are cleaned from the air and the quality of the indoor air improves almost immediately. Maintenance, it is claimed, takes less than 5 minutes to accomplish and the unit lets you know when maintenance is necessary.

Controls are easily access on the front of the unit and there is also a remote control included. One unit can clean up to 3500 square feet of room air.

The company claims to recreate the process used by nature to keep outdoor air fresh and clean. Negative ions are released just as in nature which cleanses air of dust and particles.

Activated oxygen is produced that quickly removes odors and removes organisms such as bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew and fungi.

Rather than pull in air and cleanse it as it passes through the unit, the Alpine air purifier focuses on attacking the source of air pollution by releasing ions and oxygen into the room’s environment to clean all of the air in the room.

The stylish purification systems are suitable for both large and small areas and are said to be very quiet when in operation.

Ozone Production

Most of the Alpine Air products operate by producing ozone. These purifiers have been sold for nine years and it is only recently the use of ozone in homes has been questioned by the medical community.

Currently there are studies evaluating the potential negative health consequences of ozone produced in homes and offices. In these studies, scientists are attempting to set levels of acceptable exposure.

In California, the Air Resources Board has issued recommendations that ozone generators or air purifier that intentionally produce ozone not be used in the home environment. Ozone is a gas that can cause health problems in certain concentrations.

The California ARB has issued a list of air purifiers it recommends resident of the state avoid using. The list contains every air system that produces ozone in the air cleaning process and Alpine Air is included on that list.

California is known for being pro-active on safety and environmental issues and it’s uncertain as yet whether national standards for air purification systems will change to reflect dangers of ozone emissions in the home.

It is the ozone produced that gives you that crisp, clean air scent. Due to the rapid change in the air and the reduction of allergens and odor, consumers have been loyal to the Alpine air purifier for years. These are products with a lifespan measured in years and they have some high profile celerity endorsements.

Allergy sufferers, in particular, have been generous with their praise about these air cleaning products. They claim a quick and substantial decrease in allergy symptoms and in asthma attacks.

The Alpine air purifier begins working within minutes of being turned on. Users report the air smells and “feels” cleaner quickly and that the change is clearly noticeable.

Testimonials for these products abound and often make claims of lowered medical expenses due to a reduction in the need for medications to treat allergic reactions and asthma.

Warranties and Guarantees

The Alpine air purifier carries a full three year warranty as well as a 30 day money back refund guarantee. Unlike other companies, Alpine will even pay the return shipment if you are not satisfied with your purchase in the first 30 days of use.

The three year warranty covers both parts and labor and the company will fix a faulty product for no charge or will replace the product if it cannot be repaired.


This is one of the original brands of home air cleaning systems. The products are almost exclusively ozone generating which may give pause to some consumers. Ozone occurs naturally in the environment but it is the level of acceptable ozone release that has led to some controversy in the scientific and medical communities.

Until regulations limited ozone production are standardized or limited in some way, this product will continue to be a leader in the area of improving air quality in the home.

The easily recognized square profile brands it as the popular and leading product that it is. The high number of testimonials by satisfied consumers goes a long way to maintaining the sales and popularity of this brand.

If the Alpine air purifier is your choice for clean air in your home or office, be sure to buy from a recognized seller. To have a valid 3 year warranty you must purchase a product with the serial number and dealer number attached to the unit.

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