Top 3 Alpine Living Air Purifier Models to Consider

The top 3 Alpine Living air purifier models are now marketed under the Ecoquest label.

This is one of the most senior air purifiers on the market today and the units continue to have the same industrial boxy appearance that was introduced in the 80’s.

These were some of the first products designed for home use that actually changed air quality indoors. They were marketed just as the EPA and other scientific agencies began to understand the health effects of poor indoor air.

Until the 1960s, home insulation was not a focus for many homeowners. Of course there was a layer of insulation in the attic and another in the walls when homes were built but the concept of totally preventing outdoor air from entering a home was not popular until energy costs began to rise.

What wasn’t taken into consideration was that when you prevent outdoor air from seeping into a home, the indoor air can become filled with the pollutants generated by everyday life. Cooking, pets, sneezes, dust, mold and mildew can’t escape and aren’t diffused with drafts into the home if the house is insulated to the hilt.

Alpine Living Air Purifier Models

Poor Indoor Quality

The result was found to be poor indoor air quality in many homes. Indoor air was recycled by heating and cooling units and there was nothing to remove the accumulating particulates. Thus began the ever growing popularity of air cleaning systems for use in single family homes and apartments alike.

The air cleaners were widely reviewed, recommended and discussed in magazines and news advertisements. They were promoted in television ads and the sales increased as word of mouth extolled the virtues of the 3 top Alpine Living air purifiers.

As other manufacturers saw the open market for air purifiers, competition increased and so did the claims of health benefits. Company testimonials focused on the free trial period and the initial user responses but failed to list any negatives sent by consumers after using the products over time.

Advertisements for Alpine Living air purifiers made claims of physical ailments linked to dust, chemicals and bacteria in residential air and claimed ozone emitted by the Alpine Living air purifier would not only freshen the air in a home but would “knock down” floating particulates.

The FTC challenged the claims made by the company and after a three day court trial the jury issued injunctions against the manufacturer. The company did not fully follow the actions required and in 2000 the FTC and U.S. Department of Justice asked the company be held in civil contempt for making further bold claims about its products. That filing resulted in a judgment against Alpine Air for 1.49 million dollars.

Shortly after that court action, the company was sold to Ecoquest which continued making the air purifiers and also began developing newer units using the latest technology for air cleaning systems. Today the sales of the top 3 Alpine Living air purifiers remains strong and the units reflect the growing competition in the field of home room air cleaners.

Living Lightning Series

Living Lightning is the latest flagship product to eliminate smoke, odors and chemical gases from the air in your home. SmartAir technology alerts you when maintenance or service is needed and standard maintenance is said to take no more than 5 minutes of your time.

The main feature of this air purifier is a double prong stainless steel negative ionizer that is placed in front of the fan. This ionizer releases countless negative ions into the room’s air and unlike other units, the stainless steel ionizer will not corrode over time.

A separate feature of the unit is an activated oxygen control which may turned on and off at will. The purification of the room air can be accomplished at 5 levels which can be set by the user either manually or using the supplied remote control.

Two high intensity ultraviolet lights have a photocatalytic filter to further protect against germs, mold, bacteria and viruses and is an optional feature. A later addition is the washable HEPA filter and a metal filter placed on the back of the unit.

For many years, the 3 Alpine Living air purifiers avoided any use of HEPA filters and part of the advertising for the company talked down the value of such filters. As more and more scientific evidence has shown the value to be gained with use of HEPA filters for home room air cleaners, Alpine Air has adapted to consumer demands.

LA-2000 v2.0 Air Purifier

For those suffering from an allergy to second hand smoke, this model offers air cleaning capabilities for homes both old and new. Made for smaller rooms, this is a great option for bedrooms and is the Alpine Air solution for those who need to manage the pollution caused by tobacco smoke.

Many consumers who have ordered this air cleaner used the unique option of trading in their old air purifier for a $100 trade credit on a new unit. It is this type of customer benefit that has created a solid market of homeowner dedicated to this brand.

Alpine Single Room LA-500 v2.0

When you need to eliminate smoke and odors in a small space, this is a great choice for your home. Designed with a modern tower style, the unit retails for less than $200 and will help control dust and dander as well as removing odors and chemical gases from the air in the room.

This unit is a fairly new addition to the Alpine Living air purifier line of products and the low price and quiet operation have made it quite popular with buyers.


The top models remain the same year after year. With technology developed many years ago, this company has positioned itself as a consistent player in the manufacture of room air cleaners.

Attention to customer service and producing a long lasting product have created enough goodwill among consumers for the company to be able to overcome any legal problems in its past. Now marketed as Ecoquest, the top 3 Alpine Living air purifiers will always be just “Alpine Air” to satisfied customers.

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