You Can’t Go Wrong With Hunter Air Purifiers

Hunter air purifiers are produced by a company well known for products that deal with air in your home. Hunter products have a reputation for high quality and the company is a leading producer of ceiling fans, thermostats and humidifiers.

Hunter Air Purifiers


Father and son team, John and James Hunter, created the first water driven ceiling fan in 1886. This was long before air conditioning was available and before use of electricity was standard in homes.

The ability to provide cooler breezes without the need for electricity was a hit around the U.S. and the fans quickly became in demand worldwide.

HunterAir describes its company as providing home comfort design and innovation so it’s not surprising these units are of the highest quality. Throughout the product lines, the company has a focus on quality of constructions to provide consumer products that are as strong on the inside as they are attractive on the outside.

Hunter air purifiers are built on the same platform of quality performance as the ceiling fans produced. The original HunterAir electric ceiling fan introduced in 1906 is still manufactured and has enjoyed the longest production run of any fan in history.

Customer Care

The major difference between small new companies who offer air cleaning products for sale to the public and Hunter air purifiers which are offered by a large, long term company seems to be the level of customer service provided.

Testimonials from HunterAir customers often mention being returning customers and praise the fast and courteous service of the company. Product review sites often list Hunter air purifiers at or near the top of the recommended products on the market.

Products and Pricing

The QuietFlo series provides solutions for room from 155-403 square feet. They feature True HEPA filter and remove 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in size from the air. In addition, there is an activated carbon pre-filter that traps pet hair, lint and large particles of dust and removes the odors from cooking, smoking and pets.

Hunter claims the QuietFlo air cleaners removed 30% more odor from rooms than units with no pre-filter. The activated carbon pre-filter also extends the life of the more expensive True HEPA filter by capturing the larger particles.

Pricing varies depending on special features rather than air cleaning capacity. A unit with mechanical controls is priced less than one with electronic or digital LCD controls. Prices for Energy Star rated models are somewhat higher than for Hunter air purifiers that do not meet those stringent power requirements.

The HEPAtech series utilizes HEPA-type filers. There is a washable pre-filter to catch larger particles of dust and pet hair and the HEPA-type filter claims to remove 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in size from the air.

These units are labeled for use in small, medium and large rooms rather than by square footage and have three distinct design styles. One distinctive design is the Tower Hunter air purifier which features a microban filter and an oxygenator to reduce indoor ozone levels.

At the top level are the Permalife Hunter air purifiers. There are three models to choose from with one each for small, medium and large rooms. The Permalife category offers the latest in air cleaning technology. Air cleaners with Energy Star ratings use less electricity and thus are less costly to operate.

The large room unit cleans all of the air in the room six times per hour. There is a digital LCD control panel and filter reminders to help homeowners keep their unit operating at peak efficiency.

Permalife uses permanent HEPA filters that never need replacing. Pre-filters of activated carbon control odors and there is an optional ionizer feature available for an extra cost. For the modern day consumer, the remote control is a great selling feature.

With fewer bells and whistles but a lower price, the small room Permalife version is aimed at the highest quality products for consumers who prefer permanent HEPA filters.

The filters can be quickly cleaned with a vacuum brush attachment and work exceedingly well at filtering pollutants and particulates from the air. For those with significant allergy problems, Hunter air purifiers with replaceable True HEPA filters would be recommended.

The QuietFlo technology patented by HunterAir utilizes a fan that draws air into the unit without the high noise factor of many competing models. The air is drawn into the pre-filter then routed through the HEPA filter element to capture 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.1 micron size.

Clean air is released back into the room through vents in the top of the unit which avoids disturbing the particles that were trapped by the filtration system.

Hunter humidifiers and ceiling fans are recognized leaders in those product fields. Consumers may choose Hunter to the reputation associated with the company name.

Consumer comments posted online indicate the air cleaning products products by this company are the same high quality Hunter is known for. There are few consumer complaints.


The Hunter air purifiers enjoy the same high reputation for quality as do other products produced by this manufacturer. With a long history of great customer service and innovative products, you can’t go wrong when you choose an air cleaning from Hunter.

Warranty periods often tell you much about the faith a company has it the products it sells. Low end air cleaners may be less expensive but will clean only part of the air in a room and carry a one year warranty.

Three year warranties are common for air purifiers sold by larger companies but the 5 year warranty for Hunter air purifiers is an outstanding guarantee of quality.

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