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Searching for air purifier reviews can be a frustrating experience if you don’t understand the various products and type of filtration available. Air purifiers do not all work in the same way and some are more effective than others for certain types of contaminants.

Although often mentioned as an air purifier, the air sanitizer is actually an air treatment that complements an air purification system. While air purifier reviews focus on the removal of particles of various sizes from the air in your room – an air sanitizer focuses on killing virus or bacteria that might be present in the air.

A system that fully addresses air treatment in your home might use an air sanitizer to kill bacteria floating in the air you breathe, an air purifier to remove particles from the air and an air freshener which adds a clean fragrance to the room.

Air Purifier Reviews

HEPA filter in air purifier

HEPA filter air purifiers are effective for larger particles in the air but don’t catch the smallest particles. For areas where dust is a major problem, the HEPA filter on an air purifier is often the second purification step with the room air first flowing through a conventional filter which can be easily cleaned. The HEPA filter is safe and does not create byproducts such as ozone.

The effectiveness of an air purifier with a HEPA filter relies on all of the air in a room rotating through the filter. HEPA filters are frequently used for home vacuums and air purifiers but seldom used for home HVAC systems. For HVAC systems, the MERV filter is more often used for air purification. A MERV filter is less expensive and provides higher efficiency for the larger air moving systems used in heating and cooling the home.

HEPA filters are often combined with other air purifier products such as activated carbon which absorbs chemicals but does not remove particles from the environment.

Ionizer Purifiers

Air purifier reviews will always include ionizer purifiers. These products use charged electrical surfaces to create gas or air ions that are electrically charged. The charge attracts airborne particles and transfers them for a collector plate.

The ionizer method is often referred to as electrostatic precipitators and may be found with and without fans. The fanless ionizer air purifiers are totally silent while the products with fans are faster and more reliable at producing clean air in the environment.

Liquid ionizers

Liquid ionizers do not produce any by-products and the liquid absorbs pollutants in the air. The liquid ions produced are large enough to be seen by the naked eye.

Ozone air purifier

Ozone is a strong gas which can oxidize other chemicals. The ozone air purifier is used in commercial applications where strong air cleaning capacity is a requirement. These systems are not safe for use in occupied rooms due to the amount of ozone produced.

These air purifiers are useful for removing heavy odor concentrations of smoke, mold or decay and thus are popular with contractors specializing in restoration of burned or flooded properties.

When evaluating air purifier reviews prior to making a purchase, both convenience and safety must be considered.

Air purifiers producing ozone are of particular concern as the ozone produced can be harmful especially to those who suffer from allergies and asthma. The purpose of buying air purifiers is often with the goal of removing contaminants in the air that might lead to allergic reactions.

Air purifier reviews that do not address the by-products such as ozone produced by a unit should not be used in making a purchase decision.

Ionizer air purifiers are frequently advertised as a solution to air quality problems that creates a safer and cleaner home environment. The term “ionic” sounds professional and has made some of the ionizers extremely popular with consumers who have seen the television commercials or home shopping network promotions.

Before purchase any air purifier that claims to be “ionic”, check the full product information to see if the air purifier produces ozone or other by-products when in use. Concern about ozone production by air purifiers is significant and resulted in a ban of sales of a specific type of air purifier in the state of California.

When you look for air purifier reviews, you will need to consider the noise factor and safety when making your choice. The best air purifiers will remove particulates floating in the air you breathe without produce ozone or other by-products or gases that might endanger your health or aggravate allergies.

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Air Purifier Categories

Air Oasis Air Purifier
If you are seeking a high quality air purification system that is also attractive in appearance and reliably long lived, the Air Oasis air purifier definitely deserves consideration.

Alen Air Purifiers – Quality Products and Customer Service
For quality products at reasonable prices it’s hard to beat Alen air purifiers. The attention to customer service issues and the variety of air cleaning products produced by this young company put it at the top of the list of air purifiers to consider.

Alpine Air Purifier – Highly Popular With Many Satisfied Customers
The Alpine air purifier carries a full three year warranty as well as a 30 day money back refund guarantee. Unlike other companies, Alpine will even pay the return shipment if you are not satisfied with your purchase in the first 30 days of use.

Austin Air Purifier – Remove Particles and Germs That Cause Allergic Reactions
Prices are competitive with other leading brands of air purification products. One advantage for shoppers is free shipping when you buy your Austin air purifier online. With almost 20 years in the industry, this is a brand you can trust.

Blueair Air Purifier – Swedish Top Quality
The Blueair air purifier is not only one of the most effective home air cleaners on the market today but is a global company that has received many awards for quality and for community service.

Hamilton Beach Air Purifier – Excellent Reputation and Quality
There are benefits to choosing a Hamilton Beach air purifier. When you buy from a manufacturer that has an excellent reputation for quality products and reasonable prices, it’s hard to go wrong.

Holmes Air Purifier – Healthier Air at a Reasonable Price
The Holmes air purifier is one of several Homes products that are designed to provide solutions to indoor air quality problems we encounter. The variety of models and filtration systems provide a range of units that are designed to address specific needs.

Honeywell Air Purifier – New Technology Combined With Realibility
The Honeywell air purifier is available in several styles and types but the common theme is room sized air cleaners that are effective and affordable.

Hunter Air Purifiers – Long Warranty Means High Quality
The Hunter air purifiers enjoy the same high reputation for quality as do other products produced by this manufacturer. With a long history of great customer service and innovative products, you can’t go wrong when you choose an air cleaning from Hunter.

Kenmore Air Purifier – Top Reviews and Satisfied Customers
The prices and benefits offered in these units compare well to other leading brands while the styling and special features are a big plus. The reputation of Sears and the excellent customer service allow you to buy a Kenmore air purifier with confidence.

Oreck Air Purifier Review – Excellent Customer Care and Modern Products
If you can afford to purchase a good quality air cleaner, this Oreck air purifier review highly recommends any of the three models offered by this company. The units are well built and do what they claim.

Living Air Purifier – Not Cheap But You Get What You Pay For
You might find a cheap Living air purifier for a small space that works reasonably well but should expect to pay $300 and up for high quality air purifiers for larger rooms. If you buy a quality air cleaner, it will pay for itself by serving you well for several years.

Best Home Air Purifier – How Do You Find The Optimal One?
The best home air purifier available has a 5 year true HEPA filter. This is made possible because pre-filter are used to catch the large particulates.

Best Ionic Air Purifiers – How Do You Find One That Meets Your Needs?
The best ionic air purifiers work but have the problem of limited air movement if ionization is the only component. The addition of filtration with HEPA or other methods adds a fan that circulates the air.

Commercial Air Purifier – A Necessity for Business Operations
When choosing a commercial air purifier, the buyer does not adhere to brand names or hyped sales copy. Salesmen in this field are often highly educated on air quality and are qualified to advice business owners of options available for their particular needs.

Filterless Air Purifier – Remove Larger Particles of Dust
Today our homes are tightly insulated, our windows are double paned and equipment works throughout the year to humidify or dehumidify, to heat and to cool from one season to the next.

Indoor Air Purifiers – What Else?
Opening the windows to let in fresh air is something many people never consider. That’s why indoor air purifiers have become popular with homeowners throughout the country.

IQ Air Purifier – Family Business and Quality Products
Frank Hammes developed the Perfect 16 and in 2005 an IQ air purifier line of whole house air cleaners was launched. These products left other whole house cleaning systems in the dust – literally.

Prozone Air Purifiers – Popular With Businesses
Prozone air purifiers are popular with businesses where high customer traffic or the type of business creates a problem with odors or pollutants in the air.

The Rainbow Air Purifier – Air Activators Provide Solutions
For businesses where odors are a problem due to high use, pets or chemical processes, the Rainbow air purifier with its ozone activation can be the perfect answer.

Room Air Purifiers – Increase Your Life Quality Today!
Identify your purpose in buying an air purifier, measure the size of your room and compare the options available.

Sharp Air Purifier – Excellent Choice For Your Home
The sleek styling, energy efficiency and whisper quiet operation make the Sharp air purifier and excellent air cleaning choice for any home.

True HEPA Air Purifier – Know Your Filters
If you are looking for an air purifier that will truly clean dirt and pollens, dander and dust from the air in you room, a true HEPA air purifier is an excellent choice.

Ultraviolet Air Purifiers – Which One is Optimal For You
The UV rays will make the air in your home healthier by killing most bacteria, viruses and other contaminants present in the home.

Whirlpool Air Purifier – Energy Efficient and Quiet
The Whirlpool air purifier has the backing of a large company that has earned a reputation for quality and reliability.

Bionaire Air Purifiers – Quality at a Reasonable Price
The original Bionaire air purifiers had an excellent reputation in the marketplace. When the company was sold a few years ago some very popular models were discontinued and the customer service and quality issues multiplied.

Ecoquest Air Purifiers – High Quality and Trust
In the case of Ecoquest air purifiers, the high quality of the products has carried the company through more than ten years of legal travails and challenges.