The Blueair 501 Air Purifier Review

The Blueair 501 air purifier is one of the most widely available products in the air cleaning industry.

Blueair sells its air purifiers worldwide with outlets in the Americas, Middle East, Europe, the Asia/Pacific countries and in Africa. Product exposure is not a problem for the Blueair 501 air purifier.

Blueair is known for producing high quality air purifiers that are energy efficient and easy on the environment as well. The units are designed to remove pollen, pet dander, mold and mildew, dust and many other airborne air pollutants.

The 500 series is the preferred air purifier for people who are suffering from asthma, allergies or other respiratory conditions. Unlike many other competing air cleaners, the air purifier is designed to clean the air in a moderately large room.

With a filter area much larger than other models, the Blueair 501 air purifier is able to establish an excellent air exchange rate while keeping noise levels low. The unit can be relocated easily from room to room due to the standard caster wheels.

Swedish Design

The Blueair 501 air cleaner is built with a Swedish inspired design that avoids the ugly boxy look of many large room air purifiers. With housing made of galvanized steel the unit is sturdy and easy to clean. The powder coated surface of the housing does not attract oil and stains as plastic housings tend to do.

The filters used combine an ionizer, carbon, electrostatic and HEPA filter technology into one highly effective air purifying product. The filters do not produce ozone and this three stage filter provides higher CADR (clean air distribution rate). In fact, the CADR ratings for the Blueair 501 air purifier are among the highest in the air cleaning industry.

Dirty air is pulled into the air purifier from the sides and the bottom while cleaned air is returned to the room through the top and the side. Choose the Blueair 501 with particle filter provides the highest level of removal of particulates posing problems for those with allergies or respiratory problems.

The Blueair 501 air purifier is recommended for use in a single closed room of up to 580 square feet. A closed room enables the air purifier to process and maintain air quality without air flow from adjacent untreated rooms adding further contaminants to the air.

Using the unit in a room open to other areas of the home will improve the air quality in the room but the cleanliness of the air will be compromised near open doorways where pollutants from cooking or smoking or from the outdoors may be continually moving into the treated room air.

This product is valued by consumers for the ability to counter the effect of smoke, dust and pollen in the room. These are difficult substances to remove from the atmosphere in homes and are the main culprits in making the air you breathe unhealthy.


Replacement filters for the Blueair 501 air purifiers are easy to find. They are sold by several filter suppliers and can be found on popular consumer sites such as Amazon. The filters used are specific for treating various room air problems. The Smokestop filter is designed to remove second hand smoke from the air in your home while the Particle Filter is meant to remove the larger contaminants from the air you breathe.

Filter replacements are sold in packs of three which helps reduce the cost and the need for frequent ordering. A set of three replacement filters is approximately $60-75. As several different filters are involved, the annual cost of maintaining the system properly should be factored into the unit cost. Additional savings are possible if you purchase sets of replacement filters at the time you purchase the air cleaner.

Consumer Response

The Blueair 501 air purifier has been extremely popular with consumers around the world. It’s the choice of those who do careful research before buying a room air purifier as the quality construction and reputation make the company a leader in the field.

One point that is often praised by those who have purchase this air purifier is the lack of noise when the unit is in operation. Noise level is a critical factor for a room air purifier and many units designed to provide allergy relief produce noise that interferes with activity and entertainment in the room.

The most common criticism of the air purifier is the failure to provide a remote control for the unit. Today’s consumers expect the ability to remotely control almost any mechanical product they purchase. This requirement is most often mentioned by those in the U.S. where even ceiling fans and table fans can now be controlled with remote devices.

The highest praise comes from consumers who have used other brands in the past. They may have purchased lower priced product but most often they purchased well known brands of air purifiers and were disappointed with the results. These folks have posted rave reviews and claim the four fan speeds, the HEPASilent feature and the outstanding air filtration are well worth the unit price of almost $500.

More technically trained users have personally tested the Blueair units for ozone production as they were worried about the health effects of ozone. Each report states no detectable ozone was created by the ionizers. These reports are outstanding as most came from people who work in industries that provide allergy solutions.


If you are looking for a solution to allergens or smoke in your home or office environment, this is an excellent and reasonably priced solution. The sturdy construction, attractive design and multiple filters provide effective air cleaning while the four stage fan limits the ambient noise in your room. Unlike some air purifiers, replacement filters for the Blueair 501 air purifier are readily available at competitive prices.

Other than filter changes on occasion, the units are maintenance free. Perhaps most importantly, these air purifiers are resoundingly praised by those who are currently using Blueair technology in their homes.

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