Smoke Air Purifiers Clear the Air

Consumers shopping for smoke air purifiers are often looking for a product that will remove second hand cigarette or cigar smoke from the air in their home or office.

Today we know how many carcinogens and toxic gases are released by burning tobacco and know there are real health hazards associated with smoke in the air we breathe.

If a co-worker or family members suffers from allergic reactions or asthma, controlling smoke can be critical to protecting health. Non-smokers will often say they are allergic to the smell of smoke but often the problem for them is the nasty odors that linger in the air.

Components of Smoke

Smoke is not just the cloudy trail in the air that is visible to the human eye but is composed of three polluting components. There are particulates such as ash, gases that are potentially poisonous such as carbon monoxide and there is the easily recognized odor associated with burning tobacco.

Because there are various components in smoke, there are various reasons to use smoke air purifiers in your home or office. You may be concerned with removing particles from the air as these can be harmful to those with allergies.

Smoke Air Purifiers

You may be concerned about the health of your family members who are breathing in various poisonous gases produced by tobacco when it burns. For many people, removing the smell of stale cigarette smoke is worth the price of smoke air purifiers.


For each problem you need to solve, there is a different air purifying solution that can be chosen to meet your personal needs. Different filters are designed to solve each of the problems created by smoke in the air. The most important thing to realize is that removing the odor alone does not remove all of the air pollutants caused by smoke released into your environment.

For a business frequented by smokers, there may be large air cleaning units in place that remove pollutants and particulates from the air. However, for such a business it might be the stale odor of yesterday’s smoke that is the problem.

Activated carbons filters are the most commonly recommended solution for removing the odor associated with smoking. No one enjoys walking into an office or an entertainment venue where the odor of stale smoke is the first thing you notice.

The most effective smoke air purifiers may be products advertised as “medical grade”. These are more expensive than standard home air purifiers but are designed to remove all traces of smoke from the air by removing particulates, neutralizing gases and eliminating odor at the same time. These units use a combination of filtration systems to accomplished smoke removal.

Filter Options

Medical grade smoke air purifiers may use a True Hepa filter, UV technology, photocatalytic oxidation, and ionizer and an activated carbon prefilter. For most people concerned with removing smoke from our home, this is an expensive option and may be more air cleaning than we need.

If you have a family member with health or breathing problems, however, this is an option to consider as it will effectively remove all traces of smoke in the air.

Tobacco smoke is one of the most difficult odors to eliminate. The odor permeates carpets and fabrics and is composed of over 4000 chemicals, tars and gases. The increased public awareness of the truly toxic nature of tobacco smoke has led many homeowners to change their smoking habits. Many have quit smoking but many others now step out of door to have a smoke.

The medical grade carbon filters used in many smoke air purifiers is an option that does not greatly increase the cost of an air cleaning unit but has a great impact on removing odors of smoke from the home.

If you live in a house where smokers have indulged their habit for some time, you will need a smoke air cleaner that has a high capacity and excellent filtration system to both clean and maintain the air quality.

Health Issues

Studies have proven the various gases and particulates produced by smoking can lead to sinus problems, allergic reactions and will exacerbate asthma attacks. The dangers are significant for adults but can be even worse for children in the home.

The smoke smell is a nuisance that can make your surroundings feel dirty and leave a stale odor on your furnishings but the unseen results of smoke in the air post real dangers to health. The contaminants become embedded in carpets and upholstery and coat surfaces throughout your home.

Smoke air purifiers can remove the particulates and gas in the air but cannot process the contaminants that have attached themselves to items in your home. For that reason it is wise to prohibit smoking inside your home or office. Your air cleaner will remove any traces of smoke left by cooking or a fire in the hearth or smoke that enters the home from outside.

The particulates produced by cigar smoke are larger and the smoke is denser. The pollutants quickly adhere to walls, flooring and furniture and can be extremely difficult to remove.

Best Way to Use a Smoke Air Cleaner

If your home smells like stale cigarette or cigar smoke you will need to do more than buy a good smoke air cleaner. You can establish a smoking room in your home where air is vented to the outside or can require smokers to indulge their habit only outside the home.

A thorough cleaning will include shampooing carpets and upholstery, washing walls and ceilings and laundering any bedding or clothing exposed to the lingering second hand smoke. After that, the air purifier will be able to maintain the quality of the air in your home by removing any residual smoke brought in by a smoker and cleaning up any smoke caused by a fireplace or cooking or smoke entering from the outdoors.


Effective smoke air purifiers are not inexpensive pieces of equipment. It can be critical to maintaining the health of your family if you have someone in your home with allergies or asthma.

Carefully research the filtration methods for removing the odor, particulates and gases produced by smoke in order to choose a unit that will suit your personal needs.

Prohibit smoking inside your home and thoroughly clean all surfaces and fabrics if your rooms have been exposed to people smoking indoors. Once that is accomplished, smoke air purifiers will help keep the air in your home both clean smelling and truly safe for your family.

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