The Oreck Air Purifier Review

When writing an Oreck air purifier review, the first thought is the reputation of this family owned company for providing innovative and high quality products.

The company is well known for listening to what consumers want to buy and offering it. The top feature of an Oreck air purifier review is the quality of the units.


David Oreck founded his business in 1963 when he manufactured an upright vacuum cleaner to sell to the U.S. hotel industry. Those vacuums are now sold to homeowners in North and South America, Europe and Asia. It continues to be a standard for quality hotel vacuum cleaners as well.

The Oreck Air Purifier

There was a need for a lightweight yet powerful cleaner to ease the work of hotel housekeepers, Today more than 50,000 hotels around the world use Oreck vacuums. The company has had double digit growth for several years and is widely recognized as a leader in the cleaning industry with headquarters in Cookeville, TN.

Unlike most CEO’s of manufacturing plants, David Oreck has created a public image by appearing in his own television commercials. This old fashioned approach to advertising is refreshing and homey and his belief in the products Oreck sells comes through in his commercials.

Since its inception, Oreck has continued to add unique products to its label. Though an Oreck air purifier review focuses on one line of consumer products, the company also sells the flagship vacuum cleaners, steam mops and floor machines, cleaning products, small appliances and supplies to keep all of the products in good working order.

A Few Good Products

In every product line, Oreck provides a limited number of options yet each product is of the highest quality. An Oreck air purifier review reveals Oreck sells only three models of air cleaners.

This might seem to offer limited choices compared to other manufacturers sites where various styles and types of air cleaners fill several pages. However, an Oreck air cleaner review quickly notices the three models for sale incorporate the features most requested by consumers.

Dave Oreck is a consummate salesman. Though he appears a folksy, chatty fellow he doesn’t miss a trick when it comes to selling his products. To this end the company offers its own payment plan and offers special deals on pricing.

Buy one Oreck air purifier for an 8×11′ room and you can buy a second unit for half price. For the most expensive unit you receive $150 off a second unit. In addition, the company’s website frequently offers a bonus by giving buyers another Oreck home care product free.

The Oreck air purifier uses a multi-function filtration system. The goal is move the air as much as possible as the filters can only clean air that passes through them.

Rather than creating negative ions that are pushed in the room, Oreck charges dust and allergens with a positive charge and pulls them out of the air like a magnet. The odor absorbing filter removes smells and leaves the air returned to the room smelling fresh and clean.

The ProShield model is suitable for an 8’x10′ room with user friendly controls and three speed settings. One of the speed settings is labeled “silent”. The Truman Cell permanent filter saves money and reduces waste.

Unlike other air cleaners that have permanent filters to vacuum, an Oreck air purifier review reveals filter that can be easily removed, washed and allowed to dry, and re-inserted. The unit is a sleek, black slender rectangle and can be place upright or placed horizontally on its side.

The ProShield Plus is an upgrade of the original ProShield. A permanent Helios Shield is added to the unit. This uses ultraviolet light to remove odors and volatile organic compounds from the air. It also includes a handy remote control to allow you to regulate the air cleaner from the other side of the room.

The design is the same as for the lower priced model. The ability to choose to place the unit upright or on its side makes it perfect for location on a bookshelf to save space. Both the ProShield and ProShield Plus come with a 3 year warranty.

The Oreck Tower air purifier is offered for rooms up to 12×14′ in a design that has proven to be a customer favorite. An Oreck air purifier review lists this model as the best for allergy and asthma sufferers.

It reduces cigarette smoke, pet odors and cooking odors and has three speed settings. Customers who buy a second Oreck Tower receive $150 off the second unit and each purchase has the bonus of 5 annual tune-ups included.

This keeps the Oreck air purifier running smoothly for the full five years of the warranty on this unit. The Tower model has a six stage air purification process which is far more than other air cleaning systems.

    • Stage 1: Draws dirty air into the pre-filter to remove large particles of mold, dust and hair
    • Stage 2-3: Truman Cell technology electrostatically charges smaller particles of dust, smoke, pollen, fungi and mold
    • Stage 4: Odor absorber plus reduces chemical fumes and household odors
    • Stage 5: Oxygenator converts ozone created in steps 2-3 to oxygen and remove the potential hazard of releasing ozone
    • Stage 6: Air revitalizer released the save negative ions to freshen the air. This filter stage can be turned off or on by the homeowner

Oreck Air Purifier Review Summary

If you can afford to purchase a good quality air cleaner, this Oreck air purifier review highly recommends any of the three models offered by this company. The units are well built and do what they claim. Warranty periods of three and five years are excellent and there is a 30 day refund policy if you are not happy with your purchase.

Plan your needs carefully if you choose an Oreck air purifier. If you want to clean the air in more than one room you can obtain significant savings by ordering more than one unit at a time. The company has a reputation for excellent customer care which is often a bonus of buying from a family owned business.

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