How to Repair an Ionic Breeze Air Purifier

Questions about how to repair an Ionic Breeze air purifier are a common refrain in threads on fixit and help forums online.

The Ionic Breeze was a highly promoted product when it first appeared in the marketplace about ten years ago.

The company, Sharper Image, was well known for selling the latest technology gadgets. The focus was on style at a time when sleek, modern designs were the rage in home furnishings.

The purchase price is why consumers ask how to repair an Ionic Breeze air purifier rather than dumping it and buying a replacement. Sharper Image even today promotes this air purifier as a product that “revolutionized the air purifier world”.

From a marketing standpoint, that statement is true. The Ionic Breeze made air purifiers a household item. Before that, an air cleaner or air purifier was a luxury product or was only for those with allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems. Old air purifiers were boxy and unattractive. They took up a considerable amount of floor, table or shelf space and some fans were quite noisy when in operation.

The Ionic Breeze was a hit immediately as buyers told friends about the great air purifier that made the air smell so clean. The negative ions produced ozone which is a natural odor eliminator in the air. The sleek tower styling of this Sharper Image product was appealing as was the quiet operation promised.

how to repair ionizer air purifiers

Most importantly, constant television ads and infomercials pushed the product day after day into the homes of consumers. At a minimum of $200 the Ionic Breeze was not a cheap unit to buy. Unfortunately, it was not a great air cleaner either and it was not long before buyers were asking how to repair an Ionic Breeze air purifier.

Pros and Cons

The Ionic Breeze is quiet because there is no fan to circulate air through the filtering system. Filters in an air cleaner can only remove particles from air that cycles through the filter. The thin collector plate of this air purifier is almost useless in removing particulates in room air.

Pollen, dander and dust continue to be airborne in a room where the Ionic Breeze is running. The popularity of these units was based on the perception of clean air that is caused by the release of negative ions and ozone.

This is the same “fresh” smell you notice just after a thunderstorm passes through. Lightning produces ozone as a natural by-product of negative charges created by the lightning flash.

At the time the Ionic Breeze was at the height of its popularity, we did not know the full dangers of releasing ozone into the air we breathe. Ozone produced out of doors quickly dissipates in the open spaces. Indoors, it is trapped in the room and those present are breathing it into their lungs.

In 2008, Sharper Image filed for bankruptcy protection. In part, this was due to a bad economy that caused financial damage to many large corporations. In the case of Sharper Image, a class action suit was a big part of the problem. Three million customers bought Ionic Breeze air purifiers over the years.

A large number of those consumers were unhappy with the quality and the effectiveness of the units. Not knowing how to repair an Ionic Breeze air purifier, many found they owned an expensive piece of non-working equipment. Failure to settle the class action suit led to a sharp decline in the stock value of Sharper Image and to bankruptcy.

In early 2011, a joint venture of several companies who sell products in the consumer market purchased the Sharper Image name. This group has resurrected the Sharper Image air purifier and now offers the same technology at prices higher than those in past years. The claims are much the same while the new owners do provide help on how to repair Ionic Breeze air purifiers.

Maintenance and Repair

The Ionic Breeze needs frequent cleaning and even the sellers recommend a weekly cleaning. Waiting until the unit prompts the user to clean the collection plate may shorten the life of the air cleaner. The Ionic Breeze should be kept away from other appliances as the ionizer is sensitive to electrical charges and easily damaged.

There are two wires inside the unit that are the most common answer to “how to repair an Ionic Breeze air purifier”. The wires carry high voltage and tend to burn out. This happens most frequently on units without a regular cleaning schedule.

Replacing the wires is not a project to attempt yourself unless you are skilled in working with electrical wiring. Many small appliance shops can replace the wires and restore the unit to working condition.

Minor Repairs

The UV light housed in the Ionic Breeze provides a blue glow when the unit is running. If that blue color is not apparent, the UV light bulb may need to be replaced. The bulbs should last for up to a year but if they become dirty or if you touch them with your fingers it will shorten the life of the light bulb.

Clean the collection grid before attempting any other repairs. A dirty collection grid can be removed from the top of the unit and cleaned with a damp sponge. With the grid removed, turn the unplugged machine upside down more than once to remove any dirt trapped inside the air cleaner housing.

Transformer and circuitry problems are not do-it-yourself jobs for the average homeowner. If you know how to repair an Ionic Breeze air purifier you will know the dangers of electrical shock.

Unless you are well qualified to do the repair work, saving this air cleaner requires taking it to an appliance repair facility. If there is transformer failure, the unit will not run at all. Circuitry problems may seem to come and go but should be taken care of to avoid the danger of shocks or sparks from damaged wiring.


If you wonder how to repair an Ionic Breeze air purifier you’ll find simple repair can improve the effectiveness of the unit. Any repairs involving the electrical circuitry on the machine should be made by a qualified repair shop technician.

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