How to Clean Oreck Air Purifiers

Consumers don’t need to worry about how to clean Oreck air purifiers. The process is straight forward and focuses on the multiple filtration system Oreck has designed.

A disposable filter is similar to an activated charcoal filter which is useful for removing odors from air passing through the filter. In the Odor Absorber Plus filter used by this manufacturer, a chemical reaction is created that break down odors and destroys them.

The patented Truman Cell is the filter that grabs particles from the air. This is done through a process that positively charges particles and trapping them in the Truman Cell filter.

One of the main features of the Oreck air purifiers is the permanent Truman Cell filter which can be washed with soap and water, dried and reinserted. The user information advises users to clean the air cleaner once each month but how do you clean Oreck air purifiers?

You should follow the instructions below to clean Oreck air purifiers every 4-8 weeks. A red light on the unit will begin to blink if the filter needs to be cleaned more often. Keeping the Truman Cell filter clean will allow the machine to purify the air in your room at maximum capacity.

How to Clean Oreck Air Purifiers

How to Clean Oreck Air Purifiers – Standard Units

Remove the cover. At the bottom of the filter is a knob which you will unscrew to remove the vented plate or lid. Remove both the Truman Cell cartridge and the charcoal filter. The charcoal filter will be found in the back of the unit.

Clean the front panel or screen of the air purifier by running water over it and allowing it to dry before re-installing it. Use a vacuum or compressed air to clean the inside of the unit by removing accumulated dust.

You can clean the Truman Cell either by blowing it with compressed air or by rinsing it under running water. You can also use a mixture of mild dish soap in water to clean the collection cell.

Replace the charcoal filter if needed with a new one and discard the old one. Do not reinstall the collection cell or reassemble the unit until parts are thoroughly dried. Re-installing a damp filter can damage the air purifier.

How to Clean Oreck Air Purifiers – Tabletop Model

An indicator light will come on when it’s time to clean the filter in the Oreck tabletop air purifier. A sensor in the unit triggers the light when the filter becomes too filled with particles.

Slide the cover and lift it off the unit. Pull out the Truman cell collection unit. The cell is made up of metal slats. This is what pulls the dust and other particulates from the air.

In a large bowl, mix warm water with a bit of liquid dish soap. Put the Truman cell in your sink and pour the soap and water mixture slowly over the filter. Be sure to wash off each of the metal slats.

Follow with a rinse of plain water and put the Truman cell on paper towels to dry. After 24 hours to allow for complete drying, replace the cell in the air purifier. Never put a damp filter back into the air purifier as this can damage the unit.

Oreck Air Purifiers

How to clean Oreck air purifiers may be the least of your worries if you choose this unit to clean the air in your home. It’s true that any air purifier must be kept clean and have filters either cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. With this brand, many consumers say the unit is not as efficient an air cleaner as the advertising of the company claims.

Most consumer complaints seem to focus on the poor customer service provided by Oreck rather than poor quality of the product. Advertising for the company features the company’s founder as spokesman. David Oreck is an excellent pitchman for the company’s products. He is middle aged, soft spoken and comes across as just an average guy who developed some great products.

The company is most known for its vacuum cleaners. Innovative designs made the vacuums best sellers even though the prices were higher than many competing brands. The same down home advertising was used to promote Oreck air cleaners and the company’s website offers everything from buying information to steps on how to clean Oreck air purifiers.

Unfortunately, the customer service division at Oreck leaves much to be desired. Customers complain of slow refunds, discounts that are not honored and rude service. Many of the problems reported seem to be caused by lack of organization. Commercials advertise free shipping but shipping charges show up when you order units online. A large discount sale is announced but the sale price is not what buyers are charged.

Customer service is a crucial element for any company today. When the economy was booming manufacturers could use substandard customer service and people would buy anyway. They might complain but would still order the latest model or add another unit.

Today, the buying decision for consumers may be based on the company’s reputation for customer service. Money is not as freely spent and consumers expect to be treated with respect if they have a problem.


Instructions on how to clean Oreck air purifiers are simple and easy to implement. The company developed its reputation based on an innovative vacuum cleaner and unusual advertising program that featured the CEO of the manufacturer.

The replacement odor absorbing filters are not difficult to locate and not overly expensive. The Truman Cell is the filter used in the tabletop model and is also included in standard sizes of Oreck air purifiers.

Once you know how to clean Oreck air purifiers you can maintain any Oreck unit. However, customer service problems are a frequent complaint by consumers who have purchased Oreck products.

If the Oreck air purifier is your choice for a home air cleaner, it’s best to buy the unit from a retailer store you can trust. Ordering online is convenient and many buyers choose that option. However, only consider an online vendor with a good reputation for customer service and for solving customer problems.

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