Improve The Air Quality of Your Home With a Hamilton Beach Air Purifier

The Hamilton Beach Air Purifier is a great fit for a leading manufacturer recognized for the dependable quality of the small appliances it sells.

If you are looking for an iron, coffee maker, toaster, blender, roaster, mixer, slow cooker or almost any other small electric appliance, chances are you will consider the Hamilton Beach brand each time you buy.



Hamilton Beach was founded in 1910 and in 1911 introduced its new drink mixer to the market. With a slender spindle and metal drink container, the product was designed to create milkshakes and malts that were so popular at soda fountains during the era.

Today we see products introduced which are replace with new versions only months later. The drink mixer was a best seller for nineteen years before a new model was released that was capable of mixing multiple drinks at one time.

Hamilton Beach air purifiers are the latest in a long line of products that have been readily accepted and highly praised by consumers.

From hand mixers to stand mixers, the company has a reputation for provide high quality products at prices lower than other leading brands. Hamilton Beach air purifiers promise to be another best seller.


In launching Hamilton Beach air purifiers, the company listed the products under the more general term of “air care”. This allowed an easy entry into the competitive air purification market and permitted addition of other products associate with the air or scent in a home.

True Air Odor Eliminators are inexpensive ($15-20) and offer a solution for odors of pets or smoke in a room. Two area models simply plug into an electrical outlet while a room odor eliminator is a small box that plugs in and is large enough to control the odors in a 10×10 room.

Allengen Reducers are lightweight, compact air filtering products that can easily be moved from room to room. The product utilizes filters that can easily be cleaned and is built for ease of use and minimal maintenance required. The filter is permanent and is cleaned by vacuuming it two to four times a year.

This little Hamilton Beach air purifier measure only 8.5″L x 6″W x 13.5″ H. It has three fan speeds and can be placed horizontally or vertically which makes it good for fitting into bookshelves or inconspicuous niches.

If you need a unit slightly larger, the True Air Ecoclean Hamilton Beach air purifiers are the next step up in efficiency and in price. Again, the permanent HEPA filter is designed to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner brush attachment.

There is no need to handle a dirty filter as the front of the air purifier snaps off to reveal the HEPA filter for cleaning. This product combines a HEPA filter with carbon and ionic technology so is an efficient machine that can clean the air in a 9×10 ft room.

The True Air Ecoclean is Energy Star certified and is very quiet when in use. The ionizer can be turned on or off with a button to quickly neutralize odors without releasing an abundance of ozone into the air.

The flagship of Hamilton Beach air purifiers is the Air Décor model. The striking design is clean and attractive and makes the air purifier appear more like a column styled lamp than a high functioning machine.

This 37 inch high powerhouse is a square column with 8.75″ sides. The dark painted metal base is topped with an ivory housing and LED lights inside provide an ambient glow.

Hamilton Beach uses a replaceable filter “bag” that needs to be changed about every 6 months. The filter replacement indicator on the unit advises you when it’s time to make the change. The HEPA filter is 99.9% effective down to 3 microns in size.

It captures dust mites, mold, pet dander and pollen and will clean the air in a 240 square foot room (about 15’x16′). It can be operated at variable speeds from “whisper quiet” to “quick clean” and is Energy Star rated.

The True Air Ionic models are 99% effective down to 5 microns in size. The units are ultra quiet when in operation but also have front grill that is streamlined in design to further reduce noise. In this unit, there is a sensor that can automatically adjust the fan speed to keep the air clean in a room.

In testing for Energy Star compliance, the units with the ionic system were listed as ten times more effective as other leading ionic air purifiers and rated as having extremely lower power consumption.


There are benefits to choosing a Hamilton Beach air purifier. When you buy from a manufacturer that has an excellent reputation for quality products and reasonable prices, it’s hard to go wrong.

These may not be the optimal air cleaners for someone with serious odor problems in the home or for consumers with serious allergy issues. However, for homeowners who want to improve the air quality within their home at a reasonable price, this is a choice that should be considered.

The purifiers focus on improving air quality while also addressing the problem of handling messy, contaminated filters or buying constant supplies.

The streamlined front grills quickly can be pulled from the magnetic connections that hold them in place and allow a quick vacuuming of the permanent HEPA filters. The company frequently offers sale prices for even the most popular Hamilton Beach air purifiers.

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