Compare Air Purifiers of Other Popular But Less Known Brands

On this page you’ll be able to compare air purifiers from other less well-known but still popular brands.


The Aireox air purifier was introduced long before consumers and businesses realized indoor air pollution was more than dust and pollen floating in the air.

Scientists studying contaminants in the air we breathe found volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bacteria, mold spores, viruses, pet dander, dust mite debris, and many other substances in the air we inhale in homes and workplaces.

aireox air purifier


The Amcor air purifier uses a HEPA-like filter and the mention of environmental safety is based on the safety of HEPA filters since their development sixty years ago. HEPA filters are by nature environmentally responsible options for use in a room air purifier.


The EdenPure air purifier gained market share quickly as it is produced by the same company that makes the widely advertised EdenPure Heaters. The heaters have been best sellers mainly due to the product being recommended by do-it-yourself guru, Bob Vila. The heaters were promoted as high heat infrared technology that would vastly save on utility costs for homeowners.


When consumer reports ranked the Friedrich C90A air purifier as number one several times, millions of consumer flocked to buy this air cleaning product. Consumer Reports is a non-profit testing company that is widely respected by buyers for the rigorous testing and the honest product reviews provided.


The LifeWise air purifier is a good example of what happens in the consumer marketplace when products become extremely popular and sales increase. Many manufacturers of air purifiers have been producing their specific models for as long as twenty years. Most of the best air purifier products sold today have been in development and tested for quite some time.

LifeWise air purifier


The Second Wind Air Purifier is a leader in ultraviolet air cleaning technology for both residential and commercial uses. This company was first to introduce dual wave length technology which increased the performance of UV air purification. Most recently, this manufacturer has added photo-catalytic advances to its production process.

Sharper Image

When it comes to a Sharper Image air purifier, the company would probably prefer to let the Ionic Breeze fade into history. This was a best selling item that was recommended by consumer sites and praised for its design, etc. In reality, it has become a bad joke when people talk about air purifiers.


The Vornado air purifier ads refer to Vortex Action Technology and to the way in which this product circulates air through the room. The main feature of the Vornado air purifier is the ability to process the complete volume of air in the room.

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