Blueair Air Purifier Captures 99.97% of The Particulates, Gases and Odors

Blueair was founded in Sweden in 1996 and the Blueair air purifier quickly earned a reputation for innovation in technology and design and for high performance.

Today, the company has headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden and in Chicago, Illinois and continues to research and add innovations to clean air solutions for homes, offices and commercial environments. The company’s goal is to improve air quality where we live, work and breathe.

The Blueair air cleaners are ozone free. A combination of electrostatic and mechanical filters captures 99.97% of the particulates, gases and odors in the air.

Blueair Air Purifier


Founded in 1996, the company focus was on reducing the problems faced by allergy sufferers and those afflicted with asthma. The Environmental Protection Agency certified Blueair air purifier as an Energy Star product for all of the units produced in the United States.

BlueAir has been a frequent contributor to high profile air quality solutions and has donated products to many people in need. The popular show, Extreme Makeover, featured the units in a project to provide a safe environment for a child with breathing problems.

Blueair also donated air purifiers to the New York City school system following the attacks of 9/11. Children in the NYC schools were showing symptoms of breathing problems caused by the air pollutants of soot, dirt and ashes produced by the attack.

After the donated air purifiers were in place, children and teachers were able to return to classrooms, cafeterias and gyms at schools through the city. The company also encourages its employees to be involved in public health and safety in their own community.

One result has been a monthly effort by employees in the Chicago, Illinois manufacturing plant to donate bag lunches to a local homeless shelter.

Style and Technology

The Blueair air purifier is well known for its quiet operations. The Energy Star certification is well earned as the products use only 15 watts of electricity on low and require very little power to operate. Running this machine costs almost the same as the power needed for use of a single light bulb.

Innovative technology has led Blueair to use nontoxic polypropylene in its filters. The standard product used by most manufacturers is triclosan-coated paper or glass fibers for filters. The filter used by Blueair produces only carbon dioxide and water as it decomposes and releases no toxic products to the environment.

The plastic used is one of the least harmful to the environment and has the side effect of being resistant naturally to bacteria, mold, and viruses. The filters have a special proprietary coating to prevent the possibility of chemical off-gas production.

With patented technology, particles move through the HEPA filter and thought an ion chamber where the particles are charged and will stick to the filter. Particles, gases and odors are 99.97% removed down to 0.1 micron in size. The HEPA standard guidelines require only a 99.7% removal of particles to 0.3 micron in size.

Many highly efficient air purifiers on the market today have one glaring problem for homeowners – they are ugly. These products are not only highly efficient at cleaning the air but also well designed and stylish in appearance.

The design is contemporary in the Swedish style. Slender and sleek with a housing of galvanized steel that is powder coated for durability, the unit is easy to clean and won’t pick up stains as cheap plastic housings do. Place in an inconspicuous location, the Blueair air purifier will blend with furnishing and the silent operation does not call attention the machine.

Selecting the Right Product

All air purification systems may clean the air in your room but there are significant differences in how that process works. When choosing a Blueair air purifier there are tips you can use to help you buy the model that best suits your home and your specific needs.

    • Filter – Using the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) you can compare air purifiers. This rate is a measurement of how well the system removed pollutants form the air. A higher CADR test number indicates better indoor air cleaning capability.
    • Size of Room – Choose a Blueair air purifier meant to hand the volume of air in the room. Rooms with high ceilings will require higher capacity for air cleaning.
    • Health – If allergies, asthma or other respiratory illnesses are a problem, choose an air purifier that remove the highest percentage of contaminants form the air and the small particles of dust, pollen and pet dander.
    • Certify Manufacturer Claims – The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) provides an unbiased source of information for comparison shopping. The tests used are impartial and are certified by such agencies as the EPA, the Federal Trade Commission and the American Lung Association.
    • Home Environment – Not surprisingly, the indoor environment of your home can affect the performance of any air purifier. Blueair fights mold and bacterial growth without the addition of other chemicals.
    • Cost to Operate – Costs are a combination of the frequency of filter changes needed and the cost of the energy requirements to run the unit. The best quality air purification units are the most pricey to purchase and maintain but may not need replacement filters and parts as often as cheaper units.Guarantee – Choose an air purifier with a good warranty. Most top manufacturers offer 3-5 year warranties as well as 30 day refund periods if you are not satisfied immediately after purchasing.

Make No Assumptions

Don’s assume bigger is better or that a smaller unit can’t do a better job. Confirm the facts of claims of how quiet a unit is or the cost and availability of replacement filters. Most air purification units must have a clearance between the unit and a nearby wall or window. Check the placement requirements to be certain you have a space where the unit can be placed in the room.


The Blueair air purifier is not only one of the most effective home air cleaners on the market today but is a global company that has received many awards for quality and for community service.

You can find a Blueair at one of several online dealers but can also see the units at Lowe’s and other major retail chains. The units may be pricey but are arguably on of the best solutions for indoor clean air on the market today.

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