Upgrade Your Lifestyle With an Austin Air Purifier

An Austin air purifier can lead to a healthier lifestyle by preventing germs from spreading from one person to another and removing particles in the air that cause allergic reactions.

If you need to remove pollen from the air or want to eliminate the odor of paint when you are remodeling, the Austin Air Purifier comes highly recommended by consumers.

Though allergies to outdoor pollens are seasonal, doctors say 8 out of 10 allergy suffers have problems year round due to allergens present in the air they breathe inside their homes and offices. Improving indoor air quality with an Austin air purifier can reduce allergy attacks significantly.

Austin Air Purifier


Technology designed to provide cleaner has advanced rapidly in the past two decades but the attempts to provide a cleaner environment have been ongoing for many years. In the early 1800s a mask was developed for firefighters to help them overcome noxious smoke and gases when entering a burning building.

As coal became widely used to provide a heat source for homes and an energy source for manufacturing, the coal particles and byproducts of burning coal released clouds of smog that darkened the air in many cities.

In 1854 a mask was produced for coal miners to protect them from the heavily polluted air in the mine shafts. The mask used a charcoal filter design not that different from charcoal filters in some air purifiers sold today.

The mask worn by coal miners not only filtered out the larger coal dust particles from the air but also reduced the gases that were known to damage the health of miners.

The original mask was updated in 1872 by John Tyndall when he added a respirator to the filter to help firefighters breathe in heavy smoke conditions. This was the first step in the process of developing today’s respirator masks that have saved lives for many who work in dangerous professions.

Residential air purifiers became highly popular beginning in the early 1970s. The H13 class HEPA filters, which trap up to 100 times more air particles than standard HEPA filters moved from being used only for clean rooms in hospitals to use in home air purifiers.

In the 1980s, environmental air pollution became a critical feature of air purifiers. Advances in medical HEPA filters and in activated carbon led to products such as the Austin air purifier which could combat the contamination of particulates in the air as well as protection from toxic chemicals and from odors.

Richard Taylor and his wife, Joyce, founded Austin Air Systems Limited in 1991. The company was based in Buffalo, NY and featured a pre-filter that extended the life of a HEPA filter to an extent not previously imagined. The system itself was initially a product designed by Richard Taylor to help his wife overcome a respiratory illness.

The Process

The 360 degree air intake system in the Austin air purifier draws air into all sides of the unit. This delivers clean air faster and increases the ability to provide clean air far above previous air cleaning systems.

The Austin air purifier is produced in the largest air cleaning manufacturing plant in the world and continues to be a leader in the field. The focus of the products has been on the American worker in manufacturing plants where air pollution from dust and other particulates has traditionally caused health and breathing problems.

The products produced by Austin Air undergo stringent government and third-party independent testing. The company has been rewarded for this diligence by having its air cleaner listed as one of the best on the market by agencies such as the Army Corp of Engineers at the U.S. Army Aberdeen Testing Center (in 2000). Testing has shown the units reduce dangerous vapor concentrations by 90% in fewer than 35 minutes.

One big selling point for the Austin air purifier is that it does not release any potentially dangerous by-products into the air it cleans. Currently, there is a sharp focus on the potential consumer safety issue of ozone released into the environment by some air purification systems.

A combination of highly developed filters allows the Austin air purifier to clean the air without exposing the user to other potential dangers. The products have received multiple testimonials for high performance levels, superior air flow rates, long lasting filters and the high life expectancy of their medical grade HEPA filters.

Specialized Products

The products available focus particularly on providing solutions to specific needs of consumers. There are no fancy names for the models and the product design is clearly utilitarian. The Austin air purifier looks like a workhorse and works like one, too.

  • Pet Machine 

    Indoor pets contribute to air pollution in the home and can be a big problem for a pet owner with allergy issues. The Pet Machine has distinct filter stages to fully address the contaminants introduced into the air by those lovable pets. The Pet Machine has a pre-filter to capture pet hair, 60 feet of HEPA filtration to catch dander and a special activated carbon filter to eliminate pet odors such as ammonia.

  • HealthMate 

    Available in five colors, the HealthMate cleans 1500 sq ft of air with only one unit. Multiple filter stages remove airborne contaminants such as sub-micron particles, gases and chemicals. This may be the best product to use for home air cleaning. There is also a “junior” model for use in apartments or single rooms.

  • Baby’s Breath 

    This quiet model cleans the air for the most important person in your home. Baby’s Breath air purifier cleans up to 700 square feet of air in about 35 minutes. It eliminates allergens, irritants that trigger asthma, smoke, mold, mildew, and fungi. Chemicals, gases, VOCs and odors are removed while germs, viruses and bacteria are also destroyed. Baby’s room will be fresh and safe.

  • Allergy Machine 

    Just as the name implies, the unit is designed to remove as many allergens and particulates from the air as possible. Dust, pet hair and mold that often trigger allergic reactions are removed from the air quickly. With a 5 year mechanical warranty and an average filter life of 5 years for the main filter, this is a sturdy and long lasting machine.


This air cleaner is built to last with its metal housing and long-lived filters. Several products are designed to specifically solve particular air quality problems and most are available in a standard size that will clean up to 1500 square feet and in a Junior size to clean up to 700 square feet of room space.

Prices are competitive with other leading brands of air purification products. One advantage for shoppers is free shipping when you buy your Austin air purifier online. With almost 20 years in the industry, this is a brand you can trust.

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