Alen Air Purifiers – Quality and a Reasonable Price

With corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas, Alen Air Purifiers are widely available.

The beautiful hill country around Austin is full of plants and trees that make outdoor living a pleasure. Those same plants make Austin one of the worst locations for allergy sufferers.

Cedar, oak and other local vegetation produces a high amount of pollen seasonally and this was the catalyst for the first Alen air purifiers. The first product produced by Alen was introduced in 2004 and has gained a reputation for quality and for durability.

An entire family of products now bears the Alen label and is aimed at helping people with asthma, allergies, and odors. There are also models of Alen air purifiers designed to aid in chemical removal.

Alen Air Purifiers

The Alen Advantage

Air purifiers from Alen are perhaps best known with customers for their Lifetime Limited Warranty. Alen is perhaps the only company to offer such a sweeping warranty. A high emphasis on customer service and a focus on excellence in products and integrity in business have built a good image in the air purification industry for Alen.

The focus of the company is on improving the health and wellness of its customers. Product testing is high on the agenda of this manufacturer and new products are constantly in development due to the needs of consumers who suffer from air borne allergies.

Air purification is big business today. Many companies sell only one type of air purifier and focus all of their information and advertising on promoting that one process as the ultimate solution for everyone with air quality issues. Alen air purifiers take a different approach by offering several types of air purification systems.


High levels of negative ions are associated with clean air. All Alen air purifiers have negative ionizers. Some pollen and dust particles contain a positive charge. Studies have shown that standard CRT computer monitors result in creation of a high level of positive ions in the air around the monitor.

Adding negative ions to the environment was shown to reduce the number of headaches suffered by those included in the test study. These tests were conducted by the Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Most ionizer air purifiers creative a negative electrical charge by adding as many negative ions to the air as possible. This can increase level of ozone and lead to side effects that are more damaging than the positive ions themselves.

Alen uses a HEPA air purification system that contains a negative ionizer rod. This produces a small amount of negative ions that will help clean the air without creating a secondary problem of increased ozone levels.

Photo-Catalytic Oxidation

Air purifiers from Alen meant to address the problem of volatile organic compounds use photo-catalytic oxidation. The Alen A375UV is designed to remove gases, VOCs, smoke and ammonia from the air. The process is unique as it does not use carbon as other similar air purifiers on the market do.

Volatile organic compounds come from paint and paint thinner, carpet, printers and copiers, laminated furniture, wood preservatives, permanent markers, glues, plastics and some aerosols. Use of these products requires ventilation while insufficient ventilation with outside air can increase the pollution of indoor air to ten times the natural level according to the EPA.

The process is highly technical. A UV-C light and a titanium oxide grid interact to provide a photocatalyst that breaks water into hydrogen and oxygen molecules. The air is then exposed to UV light as hydrolysis occurs.

The process reduces concentration of the pollutants in the air and renders the volatile organic compounds harmless. The user of this Alen air purifier does not come into contact with the UV light as the lights and titanium dioxide grid are built into the inner section of the unit.

Silver Ion Filtration

We most often think of contaminated air as being filled with pollen or dust that lead to reactions in allergy suffers or to VOC’s that create noxious gases due to poor ventilation.

Another concern is airborne bacteria and viruses that cause flu and other communicable diseases to spread. It is accepted that most head colds and influenza epidemics occur during winter months. It is no accident that these are the months when we tend to spend more time indoors where other people congregate.

A cough or sneeze outdoors will quickly disburse any bacteria or virus widely throughout the outdoor area and remove much of the thread of communication of the disease because the sneeze spreads over a wide area quickly.

Indoors, the limited space contains the small particles and keeps them condensed in a way that puts others in danger of contracting the same cold or flu.

Silver Ion is antimicrobial. When contaminated air circulates through this Alen air purifier model, the Silver Ion coating keeps germs from reproducing inside the unit and keeps bacteria from being blown back out into the air. Fungi and bacteria can be substantially reduced in the air with only five minutes of operation of the Silver Ion Alen air purifier.

Using technical processes of oxidation and denaturation the Silver Ion purification system destroys over 650 types of bacteria. Even better, Silver Ion is harmless to people but highly toxic to bacteria and viruses. Silver Ion filtration is the latest product for Alen air purifiers.


For quality products at reasonable prices it’s hard to beat Alen air purifiers. The attention to customer service issues and the variety of air cleaning products produced by this young company put it at the top of the list of air purifiers to consider.

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