Alen A350 Air Purifier is a Best Value Product

The Alen A350 air purifier is perfect for a bedroom or office in your home. Combining performance with affordability, this model cleans rooms as large as 800 square feet and carries an Energy Star rating.

For those suffering with allergies, the recommendation is to use one Alen A350 air purifier for each 400 square feet to achieve a minimum of four air exchanges per hour.

This is one of the most popular room air purifiers on the market due to the low cost and to the ease of maintenance. Replacement filters are priced much lower than replacement products of competing air purifiers using HEPA filtration.

Alen A350 air purifier


The Alen A350 air purifier is meant to be mounted on a wall which is unusual as a design feature for standard home air purifiers. Alen uses a three-in-one true HEPA filter (99.97% particulates removed) and combines this with a prefilter and a carbon filter.

At $50, a pack of replacement filters is much less expensive than the cost for many of Alen’s competitors. However, maintenance costs are not the only consideration when you are choosing a room air purifier.


This unit removes 98% of airborne particles with an all in one filter. This filter is composed of a washable pre-filter, a HEPA filter and an active layer of carbon to provide odor control.

A 12 hour timer allows you to set the unit to begin cleaning the room’s air before you rise in the morning or before you arrive home from work each day. By pre-cleaning the room’s air with the fan on high speed you will enter a room where the air is fresh and can lower the fan speed to reduce noise while the room is in use.

An indicator light alerts you when a filter change is needed and simple button control on a digital display panel make settings easy to choose. The Alen A350 air purifier can sit on the floor or can be easily mounted on a wall. Wall mounting saves floor space while allow free air flow to the air purifier. Noise levels for the unit range from 36 decibels at low fan speed to 65 decibels at high speed.

As a convenience, Alen offers a replacement filter auto-ship plan where you specify your desired frequency of filter replacement (4 months, 6 months or 8 months) and have filters automatically shipped and billed to you. This automatic plan is a great idea as this product carries a lifetime warranty as long as filters are replaced regularly.

This air purifier measures 18.5″ x 8.23″ x 17.48″ and weight 16 lbs. The ability to mount it on a wall in the room is a unique placement option and many consumers say they choose this air purifier due to that feature.

The design of the air purifier makes it look similar to a vent or speaker installation when mounted on the wall. Unlike some competitors, the design does not clearly state “I am an air cleaner” by its appearance and it does not look like an appliance.

Consumer Comments

The Alen A350 air purifier has had mixed reviews from both experts and consumers alike. A few reports of defective units have surfaced but are not of much concern due to Alen’s lifetime warranty policy.

Many users report lessened dust on furniture in room where the Alen T350 air purifier is in use and on improved sleep when the product is used in a closed bedroom during the night.

The fan noise can be a problem when the unit is operated at maximum speed but users report the noise is not significant at lower fan levels and correctly point out that no fan is totally silent when in operation.

The highest praise for the Alen T350 air purifier is for the customer service provided by the manufacturer. From fast delivery times to easy return policies, this is a company that appears to understand the value of good customer service.

Buyers report faulty units were quickly replace, refunds were easily obtained when requested and calls with questions or concerns were quickly handled and answered. Good customer service is rare today but Allen seems place a lot of importance on taking good care of its customers.

A reduction of dust in the home is a frequent item mentioned by those who have purchased this air cleaner. Meant for small rooms, the Alen A350 model is sold in twos by some dealers. Although the sales copy claims the unit treats a room up to 800 sq. ft. and recommends one unit per 400 sq. ft. for allergy relief, buyers may recommend using it in even smaller rooms.

The ionizer feature is one that consumers seem to value due to the freshness added to the air by the negative ions released. We may want the air in our home to be cleaner but we want to have clean smelling air as well.

We want that fresh odor of air outdoors after it’s been washed by the rain and ionized by bolts of lightning. We associate that crisp scent with “clean air” in our minds and the Alen A350 air purifier provides the ability to create that clean scent in our environment.


The Alen A350 air purifier two pack sells for $698 but the units can also be purchased individually. Multiple fan speeds and a combination of filters are features consumers look for but using this unit in large rooms requires using more than one air purifier. Although experts have not soundly praised this air purifier, consumers seem to be happy with their purchase.

The quality of the customer service provided by Alen has greatly raised the popularity of this product in the consumer marketplace. In a time when customer service is nonexistent for many large manufacturers, Alen continues to provide a high level of responsiveness to consumer concerns and problems and this has helped make the Alen A350 air purifier a best selling product.

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