Whirlpool Whispure 510 Air Purifier

In a large room, the Whirlpool Whispure 510 Air Purifier will clear the air of contaminants by cycling the room air 4.8 times per hour.

The most popular style of home today is the open concept plan where the living are is open to the kitchen and dining areas.

The Whirlpool Whispure 510 air purifier is suitable for a room of up to 500 sq ft and the cost of about $300 is well within the range of most homeowner's budgets.

Rated by CADR

Air Purifiers are rated by the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) which is a rate that was established to compare air cleaning capability of various products in the marketplace. Many manufacturers of air purifiers do not list the actual CADR rating for their product. The failure to list that number should be a warning sign to consumers. The Whirlpool Whispure 510 air purifier has a CADR of 315 and that number is proudly displayed on the ads for the air cleaners.

CADR was established by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. It is a measure of the amount of particle-free air that is delivered back into a room by an air purifier. The higher the CADR, the larger the room that can be cleaned and the more effective the unit will be.

If you take the CADR of a unit and multiply that by 1.5 the resulting number would be a rough estimate of the room size that can be cleaned by that unit. The air in a room must be cycled 4-6 times per hour for an air purifier to be effective. The CADR for a unit is established with the highest fan setting of the machine. Lower fan speeds will yield lower results.

For those suffering from allergies, the formula isn't as simple. The CADR is a guideline to providing reasonably clean indoor air. A 70% reduction in particle levels is acceptable using the standard CADR formula but may not be good enough to prevent allergy problems.

For medical facilities or to reduce allergic reactions a reduction of 90% of particulates in the air is the goal. This can be accomplished by using the Whispure 510 air purifier in a smaller room. This is a powerful air cleaner with additional features that make it user friendly.

There are four fan speeds rather than the three speed fans that are common for air purifiers. Controls are electronic rather than manual which allows for remote adjustments.


Instructions for many home room air purifiers require you to place the unit quite some distance from the wall to allow proper air flow. This can be problem as units can't be concealed in the corner of a room but instead take up floor space and interfere with d├ęcor of he room.

The Whirlpool Whispure 510 air purifier can be place adjacent to a wall with no reduction in the efficiency of the unit. Measuring 12.3" x 22.1" x 27.x" and weighing 25 lbs, this unit doesn't take up a large amount of space and can easily be moved from one room to another as needed.

Not surprisingly, this is a top selling air purifier. Consumer Reports listed the Whispure 510 as a top-rated air cleaner in September 2010. CR is a trusted source of information due to the rigorous and unbiased testing conducted at the research center. Any product that is tested and judged "best" by Consumer Reports is destined to become a top selling product.

Other testing labs have come to the same positive conclusion about the Whirlpool air purifiers. These units are praised for easy filter changes, quality of construction and competitive pricing.


Meant for rooms up to 500 sq ft the Whispure 510 will cycle room air more times per hour when placed in a 250-300 sq ft room and remove a higher percentage of contaminants in the air. The filtration system is excellent but for allergy management do not buy based on maximum square footage listed for any air purifier.

This air purifier is advertised as being quiet when in operation. Quiet is subjective as any machine that relies on a fan will have some level of noise associated with fan operation. There is no way around that.

Customer Reviews

Buyers often praise the air flow capacity of the Whirlpool Whispure 510 air purifier as even at the lowest fan speed the unit produces a stiff breeze of clean air. Users say they control the noise level by running the unit at low fan speed when they are using the room and changing to turbo speed when they are out.

Many air purifiers have a warning light when filter changes are needed. Buyers like the Whispure warning that roughly estimates the remaining lifespan of the filters. Five lights provide information on both the HEPA filters and the pre-filter of the machine. The five year limit warranty is another feature buyers appreciate.

Perhaps the best customer reviews for this air purifier are comments about the improved quality of air after using the unit for some time. They report a reduction of dust in the room, fewer incidents of allergic reactions and comment on the freshness of the air when using the Whispure 510 air purifier.


The Whirlpool Whispure 510 air purifier is highly praised by those who use the product and recommended as a top air cleaner by Consumer Reports. This little powerhouse machine is built by a respected company known for producing quality products and for great customer service.

The mid-range pricing, five year warranty and excellent filtration system make this unit a great choice for any homeowner who wants to improve the air quality in a large room.

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