Whirlpool Air Purifier Comes With a Big Company Name

The Whirlpool air purifier is another instance where a long standing, reputable appliance or electronics corporation has moved into the field of air cleaning products.

There was a time when efficient air purifier manufacturers were focused only on providing air quality solutions for manufacturing premises and large office locations. Businesses such as gyms and casinos have long realized the important of adding equipment to remove odors and particles as well as to remove odors.

The addition of air purifiers for home environments began to grow in popularity as the understanding of the dangers of tobacco smoke and pollutants grew. The environmental protection movement is perhaps most responsible for the astounding growth of home air purifiers and air cleaning systems.

The public demand for air purifiers followed a path traversed by many product lines that were once luxuries but are now mainstream necessities.

The first air purifiers receiving notice were expensive units aimed at the luxury home market. They were quickly adopted by high end homeowners and smaller companies saw the potential for adding products priced for middle income families.

Today you will find high end air cleaning systems for more than $1000 but also will see smaller room air purifiers advertised for as little as $19.95. Truth is, the largest sector of the market for products to improve indoor air quality is in the $70-300 range.

Health experts have raised consumer awareness of the danger that might be posed by some of the cheaper or highly hyped ionic air purifiers. The by-product of ionization is air with a crisp, clean scent but another by-product is ozone.

The full acceptance of the need for air purifiers has become clear as respected, long-term manufacturers of consumer products and electronics have entered the market. The Whirlpool air purifier is an example of this.

When a major appliances manufacturer adds a new line of products, it is only done after research shows the product has become a long term consumer need. Fad products don't last long enough for large manufacturers to be interested in producing them.

About the Company

Like many large corporations, Whirlpool has been associated with many names since the original company was founded in 1911 as the Upton Machine Company. Upton started by producing electric wringer washers that were motor driven. When you consider the standard washing machine at the time, you realize just how innovative this product was.

Before introduction of this machine, the wringer portion of an "automatic" washing machine involved placing the clothing piece by piece into a ringer apparatus mounted on top of the washing machine and then cranking the rollers to pull the clothing through the wingers and remove excess water.

A big break for the company came when Sears, Roebuck and Co. began offering Upton washing machines under the brand name "Allen". The price for a standard model in 1916 was $54.75 while a deluxe model sold for a whopping $95. Those prices may sound low today but at that time in history this was a true luxury item.

Whirlpool sold the first top loading automatic washer in 1949 under the Sears brand and in 1955 began acquiring other manufacturing companies and expanding the range of appliances. Refrigerators, ranges and air conditioners were added ot the line of washing machines and sold under several brand names.

The Whirlpool air purifier is offered under the popular and respected Whirlpool brand name. The company began marketing products under its own name in 1957.

Since then, Whirlpool has expanded by purchasing many other well known brands such as Roper and KitchenAid and has expanded into other markets globally. In the early 2000s, the revenues for Whirlpool increased at the rate of one billion every year. The company revenues of $10 billion in 2001 became more than $19 billion in 2007.

More acquisitions followed as Whirlpool acquired the Maytag Corporation, Jenn-Air, Magic Chef, Admiral, Hoover and other well known product names.

In the late 2000s, Whirlpool's business suffered through the economic downturn and the company made a smart move into energy efficient appliances which led to grant funding by the U.S. Department of Energy in 2009.

Environmental Focus

The Whirlpool air purifier is the latest addition to products redesigned in a way that improves our living environment while using the least possible natural resources.

This trend is visible throughout the product lines offered from the EnergyStar certifications to front loading laundry machines that greatly reduce water usage.

The Whirlpool air purifier is one of those energy saving products. Priced from $250 to $350, the units have a 5 year limited warranty which is an outstanding feature. Most air purifier manufacturers provide only a one year warranty on their products.

These EnergyStar qualified air cleaners utilize the True HEPA filters that have been shown in scientific studies to be the most efficient air cleaning technology. True HEPA filters are 99.97% effective at removing particulates as small as 0.3 microns from the indoor air.

The CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of the Whirlpool air purifier is 300 or higher which is a significant improvement over many similarly priced models available to consumers in this price range.

The company offers four models of air purifiers under the product name Whispure. Designed for medium sized rooms the units will clean the air in rooms from 320 sq ft to 500 sq ft depending on the model chosen.

The compact units are easily fit into a room without being intrusive and multiple fan speeds allow adjustment for hours when rooms have higher occupancy. Turbo and Sleep modes are featured as well.


The Whirlpool air purifier has the backing of a large company that has earned a reputation for quality and reliability. Customer service issues are quickly handled in a professional way and the air cleaners have been rated highly by leading consumer magazines in comparison tests.

There is some price competition as the Whirlpool air purifier is sold by a significant number of appliance dealers, big box stores and at leading online shopping venues such as Amazon.

If you are searching for a high quality air purifier that is energy efficient and is quiet when in operation, the Whirlpool air purifier should be on the short list of products to consider.

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