Which Air Purifier Would be Best for a 1700 sq ft House?

Which air purifier would be best for a 1700 sq ft house depends on the type of air purification system you choose and your reasons for buying air purifiers.

If there is a smoker in your home, finding the best air purifier for a 1700 sq ft house is the only option to remove second hand smoke throughout the home.

Whole House Units

One of the UV light air purifiers would be best for a 1700 sq ft house if killing bacteria is the main reason for purifying the air in the home. An advantage is that adding duct mounted UV light air purifiers to clean the air throughout the home is cheaper than buying an air cleaner for each separate room of your house.

A whole home air purifier kills bacteria, viruses, mold and other germs and contaminants that are distributed through the ventilation system of your home. UV light can also reduce or eliminate chemical and biological odors in the air you breathe at home.

These units are installed in the cold air return duct of the home. As the air is pulled into the HVAC system through the cold air return duct, it passes through an enhanced UV light. Many such units have additional components to direct the air over the UV bulb to increase the air cleaning efficiency.

This type of whole house unit can be used for homes as large as 4000 square feet. It's a good solution for the question "which air purifier would be best for a 1700 sq ft house". This type of air clean often carries a warranty period of up to 3-5 years. You will need to replace the UV bulb on occasion but maintenance of the unit is minimal.

In areas with high humidity mold can be a problem. For the average person, it is not healthy to breathe in mold spores but for someone with asthma or allergies, mold spores in the air pose a true health risk.

If the air problem in your home is the need to provide the cleanest air possible for your family the best air purifier for a 1700 sq ft house would be a high end unit that installed in the ductwork of the home. These units are high efficiency and remove more than 80% of mold and other contaminants from the home's air system.

They eradicate bacteria and viruses as well as destroying chemical and other odors. The UV lamps are large and high intensity so as to treat the maximum amount of air possible. The units are designed to process the air in a home of up to 1700 sq ft and carry a 3 year warranty on parts including the UV lamp bulb.

Room Air Purifiers

When you ask which air purifier would be best for a 1700 sq ft house you may be thinking of room sized units. This is also an option. An advantage is the unit can be sized property for each room in your home and can be maintained and serviced easily. Replacing smaller units when needed will cost less than replacement of a larger whole house air purifier.

Finding air cleaners to treat air in small rooms is not difficult as those are widely available. However, there are larger units available that will treat room up to 1000 sq ft. This makes them sufficient for a small apartment or for newer homes with the popular open space designs.

A good room air purifier that is properly sized for the room it occupies is a good alternative if you need to remove lingering cigarette and cigar smoke to protect family members from second hand smoke. A high quality air purifier will remove particulates, pet dander, dust, bacteria and viruses and will also clear the air of cooking odors.

High quality room air purifiers often use a combination of filtration and air cleaning filters and systems. Germicidal light provide UV rays to sterilize the area.

Negative ions are particles that are electrically charged by adding an excess of electrons to the particle. The negative ions interact with chemical compounds and micro organisms in the air.

They literally attach themselves to the contaminated particles and destroy them. Ozone is released as a by product. Ozone has beneficial antiseptic qualities but must be produced at low levels.

Ozone is often considered to be bad when produced by air cleaners. However, ozone can be used to kill micro organisms and is highly effect in combating volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

When choosing room air purifiers, noise must also be considered. A unit that is running in the large space of a department store may sound very quiet. That same unit installed in your living room with an eight foot ceiling may seem very loud due to the fan running in a smaller volume of space.

Many of the high end room air purifier manufacturers have good return policies and a few even allow a 30 day test period after you purchase. When you are choosing which type of filtering system to buy be clear about the air problems you need to solve.

If the goal is to improve the overall quality of the air in your home and to remove lingering odors of pets or cooking, you can focus on style, size and special options. If you are adding air cleaners to remove tobacco smoke, VOCs or provide the cleanest possible air for an allergy sufferer you should consider units that use true HEPA filters as part of the air cleaning process.

An air purifier with multiple filters may have a replaceable HEPA filter as well as a washable pre-filter to capture larger particles of dust and dander (and extend the life of the more expensive HEPA filter). There may also be an activated charcoal filter that removes odors from the air passing through it.

An option offered by several manufacturers is an ion generator that can be added to the unit and can be turned on or off at will. This adds a fresh scent to the room as well as an additional air cleaning capacity.

Because of confusion among the public and the scientific community of what constitutes dangerous levels of ozone, manufacturer have chosen to make the ionizer an option on many of their best air purifiers.


If you wonder which air purifier would be best for a 1700 sq ft house, the answer is that any unit that is properly sized for the space will work well. You can choose a whole house unit that installs in the return air duct or a more expensive option that is added to the furnace section of your home's HVAC central system.

If you prefer to avoid professional installation or worry about the cost of replacement of a large air cleaning system, opt for properly sized room air purifiers and choose the features that suit your home and lifestyle.

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