The Vornado Air Purifier Review

The Vornado air purifier ads refer to Vortex Action Technology and to the way in which this product circulates air through the room. The main feature of the Vornado air purifier is the ability to process the complete volume of air in the room.

An air purifier cannot be effective unless it has the ability to process all of the air in a room. If you could see the air flow in your room you might be surprised to find many popular air purifiers are only recycling the air that is present in the corner or along the wall where the unit is located.

The Vornado air purifier will clean the air in a room up to 324 square feet. This would cover a room up to 18' x 18' in size. This unit will cycle the air in the room up to 6 times an hour which is a higher rate than most air purifier claims.

The Company

Producing air purifiers is a logical move for Vornado as the company products include multiple fans for various sized rooms as well as heaters and humidifiers. When a manufacturer adds a product to its inventory that is closely related to other products in its lineup consumers are often rewarded with a high quality new product line.

Vornado is best known for the wide variety of fans produced by this manufacturer. Fans for personal use, small rooms and large rooms are very popular with buyers. For businesses, the Vornado specialty fans are often a fixture in warehouses and production facilities.

The technology developed to create some of the best fans on the market were extended to the space heaters that carry the Vornado name. Unlike most small space heaters, a Vornado heater does not just warm the space around it but has powerful fans that spread heat throughout the room. One small electric Vornado heater can quickly provide warmth to every corner of the room.

This same fan technology is incorporated into the Vornado air purifier and the result is a unit that is highly effect. The sleek design is modern and attractive as well.


The Air Quality System 500 is the whole room air cleaner. The unit pulls air into two air filters designed to remove allergy inducing particulates and dust and to trap pollen, dander, bacteria, mold and dust mite debris.

The electronic operation is almost silent and LED indicators make it easy to choose personal settings for the unit. Fans operate at 3 speeds and a timer and filter indicator add user friendly features. There is no ionization in the air cleaning process and no ozone is emitted by the Vornado air purifier.

Room air is drawn in through side vents in the unit and is widely dispersed through a large circular vent on top of the unit. This is the method used by Vornado to achieve the high circulation of air throughout the room.

The Vornado air purifier can be purchased through many large sites online such as Amazon and sells for less than $200. Replacement filters are readily available.


This air purifier relies mainly on the technology applied by Vornado when building its flagship fan products. The focus of the air cleaner is on air movement in the room rather than on multiple filters and air cleaning options.

You might think this would create a substandard product but that does not seem to be the case judging from consumer reviews. The most sophisticated air purifier is only a good as the fans used to circulate the air.

An air purifier can only remove particulates from the flows through its filter system. You may have an expensive air purifier that does not do much to improve quality because the design of the unit and the strength of the fans used do not actively circulate all the air in the room.

With the Vornado air purifier, it may be what is lacking in sophisticated filter systems is balanced by the ability of the unit to properly cycle the room air through the filters provided.

Consumer Comments

Many purchasers have reported a reduction in allergy attacks after installing a Vornado air purifier in their home. If the allergy is related to dust or dust mites or to pet dander, the Vornado seems to be effective in removing those contaminants from air in the room.

One common consumer complaint is the simple construction of this air purifier. Surprisingly, this is listed by some buyers as a negative while others see it as a positive for the product. The difference in opinion seems to be that some buyers expected a complex filter system or a sealed ionizer type installation and were dismayed to find large filters that were easily removed and rather simple in appearance.

Other buyers recognized the value of an air purifier that focuses on moving the air throughout the room. A simple HEPA type filter can be very efficient in cleaning the air if the air purifier has the ability to pull all of the air in a room through those filters.


This air purifier is a simple machine that is focused on the air movement in the room as the prime reason the unit is effective in air cleaning. Though some consumers might prefer a more complex filtering system, the filters used do capture contaminants and allergens because the highly developed fans used in the units move air rapidly and complete through the unit's filtering system.

For a room air purifier at a reasonable price, this is a good option. Though not as widely promoted as the fans and heaters produced by Vornado, the units are easily found for sale online. The quiet operation and the ease of maintenance are appealing to consumers who want cleaner air without a lot of fuss.

The future sales of the Vornado air purifier are uncertain as the company has not expanded the units or upgraded features recently. A small unit that was offered previously is no longer offered by the company and it's possible the current air purifier may be discontinued in the future. Replacement filters will still be easily found and this might be an air purifier you can find at a special price in the future.

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