Top 3 Sharp Air Purifiers

The top 3 Sharp Air purifiers are typical of products offered today by this Japanese based corporation. Founded in 1912, the company took the name of one of its founder's first inventions, the ever-sharp pencil.

Sharp air purifiers are produced by a corporation that has become a leader in sales of home electronic goods. In the U.S., Sharp first began to gain market share due to prices which were often lower than similarly priced appliances produced in the U.S.

For a time the company suffered from uneven quality standards that led to consumer complaints but in recent years, Sharp's name has been associate with high quality products and reasonable prices.

Sharp air purifiers offer sleek styling while also providing high quality air filtration systems. So often, air purifiers that have innovative housing design fall into one of two categories. Either the design is the only substance of a sub-par air cleaner or the styling is available only in the highest price range.

The addition of air purifiers to the home is a recent trend. Once a luxury item, air purifiers are now in demand by homeowners. As the demand for units grew, manufacturers often tried to fill every consumer need. This led to companies offering a dozen or more air purifiers under the brand with pricing that covered every level of consumer.

Respected manufacturers began displaying multiple choices of air purifiers on their websites. From 29.95 ionizers to models selling for hundreds of dollars, the goal of companies was to grab as much market share as possible.

Consumer Complaints

Consumer complaints rose as people bought air cleaners from companies with good quality reputations and found they had purchased a poor quality product. Sharp was one of the corporations that did not make this marketing mistake. From the beginning, Sharp air purifiers focused on using high quality HEPA filters.

For Sharp air purifiers, the variety is based on adding air purifiers that also act as humidifiers. This is a unique marketing position and addresses the problems of people who live in arid climates. Overly dry air can irritate delicate membranes while adding moisture immediately soothes delicate tissues. The top Sharp air purifiers do the work of two appliances. They clean the air of particulates and humidify the environment as well.

The Plasmacluster air purifiers sold by Sharp were first added to the product line in 2003 and became an instant best seller in Japan. Today, the sales of the products continue to rise in the U.S. as well.

The consumer market for air purifiers is changing rapidly. Rising demand has been fueled by knowledge of the contaminants present in indoor air. With consumer demand rising, many smaller companies jumped into the air cleaner market. The result was confusion for buyers who often ended up with a noisy air purifier that did everything except provide healthy air in their home.

Bells and whistles were widely promoted by fly by night companies while Clean Air Delivery Rates (CADR) were not mentioned in the ads. As consumers became more educated about indoor air quality and filtration methods that improve air quality, the number of companies selling air purifiers has decreased. Substandard products have been disappearing from the market and major brand manufacturers have focused on providing high quality air purifiers.

Sharp is a good example of a company that offers quality in high efficiency air purifiers. The popularity of the Plasmacluster technology continues to grow while the price points are well within the budgets of homeowners.

FP-P30U Air Purifier

The P30 is the only standard air purifier model produced and sold by Sharp today. This is the basic Plasmacluster technology that has been successful for the company around the world.

This unit is suitable for small rooms of up to 124 sq ft which makes it perfect for nurseries and bedrooms. Sharp air purifiers are advertised as "library quiet" and the company claims the units are quiet at any fan speed.

A washable pre-filter traps dust, dander, pollen and other airborne contaminants while a True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of the particles present in the air. An active carbon filter removes household odors.

The 3 speed fan uses manual operation and the Sharp air purifiers sold today are highly energy efficient to use. The True HEPA filters have a longer life than some other brands and require replacement only every 2 years. Filter replacement costs are the largest part of maintenance and operating costs of any air purifier. This unit is Energy Star certified.

Sharp goes farther in air treating technology than other air purifiers in the same price range. The Plasmacluster technology splits water molecules into ions with positive and negative charges. The ions spread throughout the room to restore the natural balance of ions in the air. This leaves the air smelling fresh and clean.

The Plasmacluster technology adds ion generation to the best filtration possible and allows the user to turn the ion generator on and off or to place the unit on auto mode.

KC-830U Air Purifier with Humidification

The 830U air purifier adds humidity control to the basic air purifier for small rooms. Controls allow you to clean the air or clean and humidify the room. A clean sign indicator shows the level of particulates in the air.

Manual operation and three fan speeds allow you to set the unit to auto mode to provide 24 hr a day air processing or can be turned on or off as needed. The same Plasmacluster Ion mode is part of the 830 unit.

KC-860U Sharp Air Purifier and Humidifier

For larger rooms up to 254 sq ft, the 860U model is the most powerful Sharp air purifier. The same true HEPA filter and carbon pre-filter is used as this high level filtration is standard for all Sharp air purifiers.

The excellent CADR ratings are clearly displayed on the company's website and in its sales literature. This air purifier with humidifier added is popular with consumers who need clean, moist air due to respiratory problems or allergies.


The top air purifiers from Sharp use the same excellent multi-stage filters as well as offering ion generators that many consumers prefer. With ionization that can be turned off or on, Sharp produces top quality products that do an excellent job of cleaning indoor air.

The addition of a humidifier gives air purifiers from Sharp an edge in the market for those living in dry climates. The sleek modern design and price range of $190 to $400 has made Sharp a real player in the air purifier market.

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