Sharp Air Purifier - Offering the Best Filtration

A well-known and respected brand name allowed the Sharp air purifier to easily attract market share in the popular clean air niche. Sharp is a highly recognized brand in the United States that has earned high consumer confidence.

The Sharp air purifier line follows the proven path of marketing for this company. Products are well designed, well built, offer the conveniences most popular in the marketplace and pricing is highly competition with other similar brands.


Sharp Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation specialized in the manufacture of electronic products for the mainstream consumer market.

In Osaka, Japan, the company was founded in 1912 and gained its name in 1915 with the introduction of the Ever-Sharp mechanical pencil. From this humble beginning, Sharp has grown to become one of the leading electronics manufacturers in the world.

The importance of the U.S. market is evidenced by the establishment of a second company headquarters in New Jersey. From mobile phones to LCD televisions consumers find Sharp products leading the sales in many different electronics markets.

This long running company has survived and prospered by keeping pace with consumer and business needs. Cash registers, projectors, monitors and photocopiers are combined with third party partnerships that provide business integration solutions.

A relationship with Nintendo in the 1980s led to Sharp's ability to own licensing rights for Nintendo and products sold in that era have now become collector's items today.

Sharp is often first to offer a new product line and also completes in price with other leading brand names. The solar cells produced by Sharp for many years have put the company on the leading edge of solar product development.

With 48,600 staff employed, Sharp operates from 30 countries and products are distributed in 164 countries under the brand Sharp Electronics.


The Sharp air purifier units target a specific sector of the market in air cleaning products. Consumers searching for air purifiers quickly find a vast array of options and pricing that ranges from $20 into the hundreds of dollars for products that all claim to clean indoor air.

Many companies cater to a broad base of consumers by offering models that use every conceivable type of filtration system in order to provide a broad range of prices. Clearly, the goal is to increase sales by offering something for everyone.

Sharp has not followed that path but has focused on the most tested and best filter systems. With five options for a Sharp air purifier, consumers who have done the research on filters and operating systems can find a high quality air purifying system that will maintain the high quality Sharp products are known for.

The Sharp air purifier is designed for small and mid-sized rooms and has all the features people ask for in a room air purifier. Fan speed is automatically adjusted by a dust sensor and True HEPA filters trap common allergens and even the smallest dust particles.

An air cleaner that is noisy is a machine that will not be used as the sound will interfere with music or television or conversation in a room.

Sharp has focused on the problems of noise that are a factor for some air purifiers and the resulting Library Quiet operation provides products that operate quietly at any fan speed.

Washable pre-filters trap large particles of dust and dirt and thus extend the life of the True HEPA filters. A washable active carbon filter removed odors of smoking, pets or cooking from the environment.

With a special antimicrobial layer to provide extra protection against viruses and bacteria, the True HEPA filter removes 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. This includes pollen, mold, pet dander and smaller dust particles.

An indicator on the unit provides information on the level of impurities in the room's air and you can clearly see the improvement in air quality as the Sharp air purifier removes particulates from the air you are breathing.

The units can be used in more than one mode. Clean mode utilizes HEPA filter while Iron Control splits water molecules into negative and positive charged ions and spread the ions throughout the room to provide a fresh clean smell. The modes can be changed manually or set to automatic to maintain the balance of the indoor air.

The Library Quiet operation makes the Sharp air purifier perfect for nurseries and bedrooms. Silent mode is truly silent and the noise produced is about the same as the sound of gently rustling leaves.

Air purifiers with HEPA filters are not known for having the quietest operation but the Sharp air purifier is an exception. The same advanced technology that provides quiet operation is also responsible for the extremely low energy use of these units.

The HEPA filters used are designed for long life and require changing only once every five years. This is a great departure from other air purifiers that required replacing the expensive HEPA filter every 6-12 months.

You can choose manual or remote control models and a timer on the unit can shut off the Sharp air purifier after one, four or eight hours.

The latest addition is the Plasmacluster unit which adds a humidifying function to the air cleaning ability. Sensors constantly monitor the quality of air in your room and adjust the modes of the air purifier to provide the highest quality clean air possible.

Combined Technologies

Sharp offers consumers a choice of technologies by combined the two most efficient and popular options - True HEPA filtration and ionization. While many brands offer an ionic option as an extra, Sharp Electronics makes the ions an important part of a full air cleaning system.

This is not the cheapest air cleaning system you can buy but for consumers have been attracted to the high quality filtration that combines the popular ionic option as part of a full system of air cleaning. Prices range from about $160 to almost $400 depending on size and automated features of the models.


For a full system air cleaner for your home, this is an excellent choice. Offering the best filtration possible, the company has also provided units that require little maintenance and five year filter life.

The sleek styling, energy efficiency and whisper quiet operation make the Sharp air purifier and excellent air cleaning choice for any home.

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