Rainbow Air Purifier - Solution For Businesses Where Odors are a Problem

RainbowAir refers to the Rainbow air purifiers as activators. This is because the products are ozone producing air cleaners.

Using ozone may be controversial on news fronts but it is a method widely adopted by business owners and by homeowners who love the fresh scent produced by ozone activators.

For customers suffering from severe reactions to chemical fumes, ozone provides the only method for removing those odors without depositing another layer of residue that can be produced by different type of commercial air cleaners.

Ozone dissipates quickly and the crisp smell it leaves is not the ozone itself but the absence of odors in the room's air. Using Rainbow air purifiers that use ozone activators eliminates any need for fragrances added to the room's air by room sprays that promise to eliminate odors.

In very low concentrations, ozone can control mold and mildew and after the initial investment, there is little cost for operation of Rainbow air purifiers. Ozone acts on a molecular level and penetrates into fabrics and small spaces that deodorizing air purifiers cannot treat efficiently.

Limitations to Use

High humidity areas are not good places for use of ozone activating air purifiers. Moisture reacts with ozone to form hydrogen peroxide and this may affect fabrics by bleaching of the colors and may cause rust to form on some metals.

Latex products exposed to ozone can have problems with oxidation as can other products that are made with natural rubber. Most appliances made today use plastics rather than the rubber parts commonly used many years ago so using Rainbow air purifiers will not have a damaging affect on the machines or appliances used by your store or business.

If humidity is a problem in your area, the addition of a dehumidifier is advised if you plan to use Rainbow air purifiers. This is true of any ozone activating air cleaner.

In high concentrations, ozone is an irritant that can be the cause of headaches and can irritate membranes of the eyes and upper respiratory system. Concentrations of 1.0 parts per million can result in a sulfur-like odor.

The sulfur smell of high ozone concentration is a clear indication of high ozone levels. Unlike many household products where fumes can cause irreversible damage to people, the effects of breathing high levels of ozone disappear once you leave the area. Professional cleaning companies have long recognized the value of using high level ozone as a powerful cleaning tool.

Home air purifiers do not approach the level of high concentration used for special cleaning solutions. The levels of ozone produced by Rainbow air purifiers is far below the limitations mentioned above but provides only the amount of ozone needed to clean the air and provide a fresh scent throughout your business premises.


RainbowAir air purifiers are designed for use by stores and businesses. For an office setting, the Newaire plug-in models are an easy solution to stale office air. Ozone is circulated without the use of fans or any moving parts making the operating totally silent.

Weighing less than one pound, this little 4"x6" dynamo will work for 15 years or more and uses less power than most small nightlights. It is self contained with no filters to change or clean and will keep your small office smelling fresh every day.

If you need to eliminate smoking odors or odors associated with mold, mildew, pets, garbage or cooking, the Newaire plug-in uses ion wind technology (patented) to remove odors in a 500 sq ft room.

The Newaire models are prices from $19.95 to $149.95 and available in both 110 and 220 volt units. For new construction, several of the units are designed to be hard-wired into your electrical system. The long life of the products makes this a great option for new buildings or for remodels.

For residential use, Rainbow air purifiers referred to as activators are produced by the company. The industrial appearance of the 7" x 12" x 9" design is not surprising when you consider the company's main focus for years has been on providing air cleaning solutions for commercial use. The unit feature sturdy steel or aluminum cabinet construction which stands out from the plastic used for most home air purifier housing.

Priced at $375 the Activator 250 Series II Rainbow air purifier will clean 7500 cubic feet of air and for $425 the Activator 500 Series II promises to clean 15,000 cubic feet.

This is an ozone activator rather than a unit that cleans the air in your home with the use of HEPA or carbon filtration systems. There are products advertised as ionic air cleaners that use negatively charged ions for air purification. While ozone is a by-product of this ionization, Rainbow air purifiers are quite a large step above that process.


If you have a business where the activity in your gym or work center, for example, leads to smell that are far too human in nature this may be a good solution. A locker room may smell bad at the end of busy day but doesn't have to smell just as bad early the next morning. An ozone activating air cleaner can be the answer for such a business application.

In the home, the Rainbow purifier may be the perfect solution. There are warnings included on the dangers of high ozone concentration in the air we breathe. However, any questions you have can be answered thoroughly by the RainbowAir customer service personnel.


If you are seeking a simple air purifier, you may not need the high efficiency air cleaning of ozone activation. For businesses where odors are a problem due to high use, pets or chemical processes, the Rainbow air purifier with its ozone activation can be the perfect answer.

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