Pure Air Sleep System Air Purifier

The Pure Air Sleep System air purifier breaks the mold in air cleaner design. One of the most common uses for a home air purifier is to clean the air in a bedroom to provide you with a comfortable night's sleep.

Pure Air Sleep System uses an innovative design that targets the sleeping person by directing the flow of clean air over the surface of the bed. Consumers who use air purifiers often mentioned they have a better night's sleep when they place the unit near the bed in the room.


This air purifier takes that to a new level. Though the design is a bit clumsy in appearance this product can be very helpful for anyone who suffers from extreme allergies.

The operating unit of the Pure Air Sleep system Air Purifier is placed underneath the bed. A second part of the System is a structure of vinyl pipe that sits on the floor on one side of the bed and extends over the bed at a height of about two feet.

The air purifier under the bed is connected to this pipe structure with a section of 4 inch vinyl tubing similar to the exhaust hose used for portable air conditioners or a clothes dryer exhaust hose.

The air purifier cleans the air and funnels the processed air through the exhaust host and into one side of the base of the tubular frame. The top of the structure that extends over the sleeper's head features small vents that allow the cleaned air to flow directly into the breathing space of the person in the bed.

Thus, air is cleaned and then directed to the center of the bed so that the person sleeping is breathing the cleanest possible air. The Pure Air Sleep System Air Purifier may look a bit strange when installed but the company claims it provides a sleeping person with air that is 99% pure.


The technology is interesting and the benefits of directing clean air to the section of room air directly inhaled by the sleeping person are obvious. However, the cumbersome structure of the product is unlikely to be in great demand except for people who are trying to escape several allergies for a few hours of restful sleep.

The filtering unit uses HEPA filtration which is recognized as the best filtering system for dust, pollens and dander. The claim of being "whisper quiet" is important for a unit that will be located just beneath you during the night.

The definition of "quiet" depends on the buyer's expectations. Fans must run in order to pull air through the filter system and any running motor will have a certain amount of noise as a byproduct of operation.

This is a powerful system that can cycle the air in your bedroom up to 1200 changes per hour which is a claim that seems exceedingly high. The under the bed location of the working unit saves floor space in the room but places the unit in a location that is most likely to have dust.

If this if your choice of air purifier for your bedroom it will be important to keep the floor clean and to keep dust bunnies from forming underneath your bed.

Consumer Reviews

The Pure Air Sleep System Air Purifier has been praised by buyers who have found relief from allergies using this air cleaner. Several organizations that focus on relief of allergies now recommend this unit as a way for asthmatics and allergy sufferers to improve sleep.

The second part of this air purifier is referred to by the manufacturer as the Laminar Arm. The working unit has a filter that is easy to remove and change as necessary and does not utilize an ozone producing ionizer.

The Laminar arm is the part of the L-shaped structure that extends over the head of the bed. The extension can be removed and replaced with a cap over the remaining open pipe to convert the air purifier into a whole room air cleaner during the day.

A handheld control switch allows you to turned the unit off and on and adjust fan speed without leaving your bed. An LED light on the control will alert you when a filter change is needed.


The Pure Air Sleep System Air Purifier is not for sale by the manufacturer at this time. Replacement filters are available but new units have been pulled from the marketplace. All of the product information remains on the company's websites and there is no explanation given for discontinuing the product.

The Pure Air Sleep System Air Purifier is an innovative product that is does the work it claims to do but could use better engineering and d├ęcor friendly design. The concept of releasing purified air that will flow directly into the space occupied by a sleeper is unique. The method of distributing the air through the pipe system, however, makes the product too visible and utilitarian for a homeowner who cares about style.


The Pure Air Sleep System Air Purifier has been praised by buyers for the quality of air it produces and for the way it focuses the purified air on the space occupied by someone who is sleeping. At the same time, this is a bulky and unattractive design that looks like it belongs in a hospital setting rather than in a master bedroom.

The units are not available for sale at this time. It is not clear whether the system has been withdrawn from the market due to business failure or whether the manufacturer is re-designing and improving the product.

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