Prozone Air Purifiers are Ideal for Business With High Customer Traffic

A physicist's interest in ozone technology led to Prozone air purifiers. The initial purpose was to find an efficient method to use ozone for water purification.

The results of the Prozone water purification system launched 1977 were amazing. After 11 years of research and testing, physicist Ron Barnes built his prototype water cleaning system and tested it on his own swimming pool. The system eliminated the strong chlorine smell and reduced the damage to hair and bathing suits that we expect from high chlorine pools.

The red, stinging eyes and dry skin we associate with spending hours in a pool treated with chlorine were no longer a problem. As a bonus, the low voltage required by the new system resulted in clean pool water that smelled fresh and cost very little to maintain.

Barnes Development Corporation was the result of the product's popularity and Mr. Barnes began to be recognized as an expert on the cleaning potential of ozone.

Prozone Air Purifiers

The logical next step for the growing company was to add air cleaners to the best selling water cleaning system of their current product lineup. Unlike most air purifiers that rely on filtration to trap and hold allergens, pathogens and pollutants in the air of your home, the Prozone air purifiers utilize advanced oxidation.

The company claims to use a full array of secret weapons that are commonly found in nature. Germicidal ultraviolet light, advanced oxidation and pure ozone clean the indoor air in a way that mimics the natural world outside.

How the Prozone Air Purifier Works

Ozone is produced in nature, most often through the lightning of a thunderstorm. A form of oxygen, ozone may be either beneficial or detrimental to human health depending on the type of ozone produced.

In the atmosphere above the earth, a layer of protection is provided by the ozone layer that limits and deflects some of the most damaging rays from the powerful Sun. That is good ozone and scientists become quite concerned when there is a threat to the earth's ozone layer.

Ozone at ground level is bad and is responsible for the ozone alerts that are common announcements on weather forecasts in some areas of the country.

Ozone is present naturally in the air we breathe but while we profit from the good ozone produced by the light energy of the sun or of lightning in a storm, we can be harmed by bad ozone that is produced as a by-product of some of the products we use for manufacturing and transportation.

The ozone produced by Prozone air purifiers is created with light energy and contains no harmful by-products. It is created using low voltage and that process is what provides safety. Ozone created with high voltage often contains nitrogen which can be harmful to health in high concentrations.

Out of doors, the air smells fresh and cleaning after a storm where bolts of lightning have released ozone into the air. The huge volume of air involved eliminates danger from this storm-produced ozone but if that by-product of a storm were released into a contained home environment if could be dangerous to your health.

Government agencies and manufacturers have used ozone-producing equipment for more than one hundred years to purify large bodies of water and to clean the air in large manufacturing plants. Prozone air purifiers make that same technology available to homeowners today in a safe and cost effective way.

The PZ6-A Prozone Air Purifier

At $165, the PZ6-A model is designed for residential use. This compact unit measures only 6" high x 6" wide. This very portable air cleaner weighs less than 2 pounds and uses less power than a 50 watt light bulb.

There are no filters or plates to clean or replace and the unit is almost totally silent when in operation. Maintenance consists of occasionally removing dust from the fan vent with a vacuum or a can of compressed air.

The Lamp is the central feature of this unit's operation and has a life span of 20,000 hours. If you run this Prozone air purifier 24 hrs a day, the lamp will last well over two years.

Installation is simply placing the unit where you want it and plugging it in. The best results are obtained when the air cleaner is placed high in a room such as on the top of a refrigerator or on the top shelf of a bookcase. It can be moved from room to room though many users choose to add several units and keeps them running continuously.

When you switch the PZ6-A Prozone air purifier on a small light indicate the unit is operating an a crisp, clean scent is soon apparent in the room. The ozone produced is 100% pure and there are no nitrogen by-products released into your home.

The Twister from Prozone

Designed for larger rooms and offices, the Twister goes a step beyond air purification by destroying chemical and biological pollutants in the air. One unit will treat the air in a 3000 sq ft home and placing it in front of the cold air return for your furnace will help clean the ductwork of your heating and cooling system.

The Twister Prozone air purifiers are perfect for use by businesses where the air needs to be continually cleaned of cigarette smoke or body odors.

The odor control provided makes the unit perfect for any business where smelly premises could pose a bad experience for customers. Some uses for this air cleaner would be in medical offices, veterinary clinics, school locker rooms, health clubs, car rental companies and hotel rooms.

Weighing only 6 pounds, the unit is operational the moment it is plugged into a 110/120 volt outlet. It includes 2 switches and a timer and creates no nitrogen by-products. Two fans are used with one for air intake and a second for outflow. There is a washable filter on the intake vent but no filters to replace or clean frequently.

Three operating modes provide light duty with ultraviolet sterilization of the room's air and time ozone and advanced oxidation mode to provide more cleaning strength during peak hours or at timed intervals.

When strong odor elimination is needed, the Continuous Ozone mode is used for tough jobs and is activated when occupants are not present.

This is the mode that would be used by a business overnight while the business is closed to remove odors created during the day and provide a fresh atmosphere when the store re-opens in the morning.


Prozone air purifiers are popular with businesses where high customer traffic or the type of business creates a problem with odors or pollutants in the air.

The very small and low cost resident air purifier model provides homeowners with the same fresh air they've noticed in pool areas or spas they visit. Other units are small in size and easily portable and designed to provide solutions to the air quality needs of many businesses.

With prices from $165 to almost $2000, Prozone air purifiers offer fresh air solutions for almost every home or commercial application.

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