Get a Deal on Friedrich C90A Air Purifier

When Consumer Reports ranked the Friedrich C90A air purifier as number one several times, millions of consumer flocked to buy this air cleaning product.

Consumer Reports is a non-profit testing company that is widely respected by buyers for the rigorous testing and the honest product reviews provided.

Why this is a great time to get a good deal on a Friedrich C990A air purifier? Because the model has been discontinued in favor of the C90B that was more recently introduced.

For the manufacturer of a top selling product there is a concern that introducing a second model of the same air cleaner might dilute the market for the brand. This is a valid concern that has been demonstrated by other brand names that attempted to have a product for every possible choice a consumer might make.

A top quality product is usually a signature product for a manufacturer. This is the one model that is presented as the "best" the brand has to offer and features specific details and features promoted by the manufacturer to position the company for market share.

When a company tries to introduce a new model to cover every potential technology available, the result is often consumer confusion and loss of market share. Friedrich is well aware of that and thus the Friedrich C90A air purifier was discontinued just after the introduction of the newer C90B.

However, the previous model is still being sold. Whether it is still in the final production stages or the sales are for previously manufactured units is not clear. Some of the products may be returns or remanufactured products.

Simple fact is, as long as there is inventory available the Friedrich C90A will continue to be available for sale. Friedrich clearly hoped the popularity of the C90A will translate into sales for the C90B and this is probably exactly what will happen.

There are many thousands of web pages online extolling the virtues of the Friedrich C90A air purifier. If that is the product you've chosen due to the Consumer Reports information and thousands of consumer comments online, you will probably not think twice about purchasing the C90B you find currently offered by the company.

Finding - and Buying - the C90A

As stocks are depleted, it is increasingly difficult to find a new Friedrich C90A unit for sale. The most likely place is from smaller offline appliance or department stores that may still have inventory on hand. Increasingly, the C90A units can be found used on eBay and in classified ads.

If you find a Friedrich C90A air purifier in new condition, you should not expect to pay full retail price for a model that has been discontinued. This is a good time to get a bargain if you can find the product available.


Friedrich is very honest with consumers about the necessity for maintenance of air purifiers. Detailed instructions for a lengthy cleaning process are included which involves soaking and rinsing the electronic cell of the unit. Unlike other manufacturers with ads promises low or no maintenance, Friedrich clearly explains the ability of the air purifier to clean the air is dependent on the care the consumer provides.

On the plus side, there are no filter replacements required for the Friedrich C990A air purifier and this makes the cost to an owner quite a bit lower than for other brands. The electrostatic filters used exchange the owner's labor (cleaning those filter plates) for the cost of expensive replacement filters.

This is a simple air purifier system. A washable pre-filter leads to de-ionizers and to an electronic precipitator grid and carbon post filter. The air comes into the read of the machine and flows out the front. A three speed fan moves the air and there are no electronic controls or handy remote controls provided.

The carbon post-filter can be vacuumed but requires more thorough cleaning or replacement to restore its capability to remove odors from the air. The air cleaner will not work if this filter is not installed.

This is a powerful air purifier. Even on the lowest level, the fan may be too noisy for some consumers to use in their bedroom. However, at the lowest fan speed, the Friedrich C90A air purifier moves more air than most other HEPA filter air purifiers circulate on high speed.

Because air flows into the back vent and out through the vent in the front of the unit, it is important that air flow not be blocks by walls or furniture. The unit should be placed to sit sideways along a wall as installed at a right angle requires a full eight inches of clearance.

The Friedrich C90A air purifier is not designed as an elegant piece of equipment. The appearance is boxy and large and nothing like the stylish designs more often offered today. At 28 pounds and 19"x15"x21.5", this is a large product that will take some space in your room.

The recommendation and testing of Consumer Reports and the customer loyalty to this product make the appearance a secondary concern. The Friedrich C90A retained popularity and sales because it was a highly effective air purifier.


If the Friedrich C90A air purifier is your choice, do not pay retail price. This is a discontinued product but that does not mean it is not still a good buy. Deep discounts on warehoused products can be found.

More recent innovations and safety studies have reduced the image of the C90A as a leading choice for consumers. Even so, this is a powerful air cleaner and if you can find a unit at a deep discount you can get a great deal and clean air as well.

This is not the maintenance free products so many manufacturers claim to offer. Though filter replacement needs are low with Friedrich products, this is balanced by the need to clean electrostatic plates regularly to maintain air cleaning capacity of the unit.

When an electrostatic purifier is used, maintenance of the plates is a requirement and not an option. If you can locate a Friedrich C90A, expect a good deal on a product that led the consumer marketplace for several years.

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