The Ecoquest Flair Air Purifier Reviews

The Ecoquest Flair air purifier is a smaller version of the Living Air Classic model. At less than 10 inches, this is a light weight air purifier that will not take up much space or be highly visible in your room.

The weight of just over ten pounds makes moving this unit from one room to another effortless.

There are two different ways to improve the air quality of your room with the Ecoquest Flair air purifier. The first is to run the unit continuously on low twenty-four hours a day. The second option is to use the air purifier on high settings for short periods of time while you are absent from the room.

This air purifier is especially good for removing odors from the air in your home. Second hand smoke and the associate gases, the odors left from cooking or from having a group of people in the room are easily dissipated with the Ecoquest Flair air purifier.


This air purifier produces ozone when in operation. Used at the lower level settings the product is effective and safe. However, higher settings increase the amount of ozone released into the room's environment and at high settings should not be used constantly or when the room is being occupied by family members.

The Ecoquest Flair air purifier is an ionizer and ozone is a natural byproduct created by the process. Newer technologies produce far less ozone but the Ecoquest air purifiers continue to use older technology and ozone production may be greater than expected.

This product had a good reputation for reliability and consumers report repairs are seldom necessary. Maintenance is limited to cleaning and the manufacturer claims the full cleaning process takes only a few minutes to complete. The fan that distributed ionized air throughout the room is quite powerful but quieter than many fans in similarly sized air purifiers.

Old Technologies Giving Way to New

Ecoquest Flair air purifier was a product inherited when Ecoquest bought out Alpine Air in 2001. Legal problems had brought Alpine Air down and the company was struggling to survive when it was purchased by a former Alpine Air administrator and renamed Ecoquest.

Since that time, the product line that included the Ecoquest Flair air purifier continued to be sold as the same models that Alpine Air had been selling for many years.

Ecoquest struggled to increase consumer trust in the products but sales continued to flag until the company began re-working the air purifier models to reflect improved technological developments in the field of home room air purifiers.

The Flair air purifier was discontinued yet it remains available through a few consumer sites online as stores of the units will be sold until they are no longer available. More often today, you will find this air purifier for sale as a used item on eBay or other auction site.

Customer Loyalty

The air purifiers produced by Alpine Air and later sold by Ecoquest have never been sold in offline stores or through standard sales venues. The company was set up as a distributor model where dealers (distributors) sold the units to consumers directly.

This was an excellent promotional tool for the company as often the distributor sold to business contacts or to friends and neighbors who saw the sales talk as a valid recommendation for a product by someone they personally knew.

The business model is not as attractive to consumers who are trying to find accurate information about air purifier comparisons but it is the nature of business online today. While distributors continue to sell left over units and remanufactured Flair air purifiers, Ecoquest has been adding newer models or air purifiers to its product line.

Ecoquest has further expanded product offerings in the air purifier industry by adding special use units to accomplish specific tasks. These include a Refresh unit to keep your refrigerator cleaning smelling and DuctWorx that can be added to your central HVAC system for air purification throughout your home.

An auto air purifier looks somewhat like a portable GPS and the Fresh Air Focus is meant for odors that permeate bathrooms, storage and garage areas. Smaller units designed especially for use in bedrooms are designed to use silent radiant air purification with catalytic ionization.

The bedroom units are placed on a nightstand or table and plugged in just like a table lamp. The broad spectrum, high intensity UV lamp and ionizer technologies work together to remove odors and microbials from the air in your bedroom without a whisper of sound.


Though you may find many advertisements online for the Ecoquest Flair purifier, the product is no longer in production. Those units now being sold are units that were warehoused or have been re-manufactured.

For that reason, though you may choose to purchase a Flair purifier, you should not pay full retail price for it. The ionizing technology is still valid today but most other newer air cleaning products add additional filtration systems to remove dust and dander and other particulates from the air that may not be address with this model.

The Flair air purifier was a highly popular product in the past due to its simple style and low cost. Today it has been replaced by better technology and safer air cleaning methods that limit ozone production.

If you are interested in odor control and can find an Ecoquest Flair purifier for sale at a discounted price, it would be an excellent way to try an ionizer without spending a lot of money. There are few homes that couldn't use a product that would quickly remove odors from the air and this air purifier will do the job.

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