The Review of EdenPure Air Purifier

The EdenPure air purifier gained market share quickly as it is produced by the same company that makes the widely advertised EdenPure Heaters.

The heaters have been best sellers mainly due to the product being recommended by do-it-yourself guru, Bob Vila. The heaters were promoted as high heat infrared technology that would vastly save on utility costs for homeowners.

The same marketing techniques have been applied to the EdenPure air purifier models. The style of the whole house unit is eerily like the housing design of the products sold by Ecoquest (previously AlpineAir).

Whole House Air Purifier

The list of features for this EdenPure air purifier sounds impressive until you notice how much detail is missing. This is a small unit for a whole house machine as it measures less than 9 inches wide and about 13 inches in height. The weight of 16 lbs makes the unit portable but the claim of whole house air cleaning is questionable for a unit of this size.

With five fan speeds, the unit is referred to as super quiet but decibel levels are not given to support the claim. This small unit is designed to purify the air in a home up to 3000 square feet and is said to be virtually maintenance free.

One feature is that this air purifier requires no filter replacement and that it uses four advanced electronic purification mechanisms. That sounds great except those mechanisms are not further explained.

The one year warranty and 30 day satisfaction guarantee (minus a restocking fee of 15%) add an element of trust but the warranty period is lower than warranties offered by other companies. Selling for $297 this is a product meant to be highly competitive for those in the market for an air purifier that will process the air through a residence.

A second EdenPure option is an area model meant to clean the air in a room of up to 1000 square feet. This unit has a sleeker style but is almost as large as the whole house model.

The same features of no filter replacement and low maintenance are made for the single room model but an additional feature is the release of activated oxygen into the air. At $197 this EdenPure air purifier lands in the most popular price point for room air cleaners.


The EdenPure name has become well known through television ads and through mention on Bob Vila's program. When a trusted expert recommends a product many consumers automatically transfer trust to the product.

Only a few people wonder if there is an agenda or profit for the person making the recommendation. While the heater that is the flagship product for this company seems to be well reviewed by consumers who use it, the same can't be said for the EdenPure air purifier at this time. Customer reviews found for the air cleaners seem to be thinly veiled product promotions on many websites.

Consumers do like the adjustable features on the units. The fan speed can be regulated and there are functions that can be turned on and off such as "purify", "anion" and "sterilize". More on those functions can be found in the list of disadvantages below.

The EdenPure air purifier is energy efficient when in use, compact and reasonably light weight. The style is boxy but not unattractive. A sleep function, clock and timer add user friendly options that buyers like.


Perhaps the great disadvantage for consumer is the lack of specific information offered on the sales page. Consumers may be drawn to the idea of having control over choosing to purify the air, turn on the anion function or use the sterilize option but may have no idea what those terms refer to.

The "purify" function releases activated oxygen into the air which quickly eliminates odors. This purify function has five different levels to choose from. On the highest setting, the unit releases 360 mg of activated oxygen per hour according to the manufacturer.

Activated oxygen is ozone. Ozone is powerful as a sterilizer which is why EdenPure highlights the sanitizing aspect of activated oxygen. However, ozone can also be dangerous to your health. There have been questions raised about the safety of the ozone levels released by the EdenPure air purifier.

The anion function controls an ion generator which produces ozone as a byproduct of adding a negative charge to ions in the room's air. Ions will attract and bind to floating dust particular and pollens and will help clean the air.

In theory, the ions will bond with a particle and form a mass that will drop to the floor and can safely swept away. In practices, the ions are just as likely to bond to table tops and walls as they adhere to the closest surface.

The sterilize function listed is control of the ultraviolet light bulb in the unit. Ultraviolet light can kill bacteria and viruses that pass through the light beam. However, UV light can also be harmful to your vision if you look directly at the bulb while it is operating.

Unbiased Reviews

Some of the customer reviews of the air purifier seem weighted in favor of the product. Many list the same features touted by the manufacturer on its sales page. Non-profit consumer testing sites are not as kind.

They list this air purifier as quiet and attractive. However, they also rate it low on removing pollutants from the air. Experts question the promise of low maintenance as electrostatic plates need frequent cleaning.

The main point of contention for the EdenPure is the amount of ozone released by the units. In one test, the unit emitted 990 parts per billion of ozone which is far above the number estimated by the manufacturer.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration limits ozone production of only 50 ppb for medical devices. Even the number estimated by EdenPure greatly exceeds this safety limit. Ozone is a known lung irritant that poses a health hazard at high concentrations.

In California, ozone generating air purifiers have been banned. There are higher priced air purifiers on the market that employ ion generators producing far less ozone than the EdenPure air purifier. In this moderate price range, an air purifier using HEPA filtration is a better choice for buyers.

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