Ecoquest Air Purifiers Combine Great Design with High Quality

It is difficult to separate the Ecoquest air purifiers from the other business operations of the huge network marketing company.

Unlike other MLM companies, Ecoquest manufactures many of its products rather than just buying and re-labeling products as most multi-level marketing systems do.

However, the network marketing base of Ecoquest can add difficult for consumers who are trying to evaluate Ecoquest air purifiers and compare them to other brands.

History and Business Model

Ecoquest has grown greatly by absorbing many smaller companies. The company focuses mainly on popular environmentally targeted products meant to appear to current consumer demands.

Ecoquest air purifiers are one products line but there are many more such as Living Water which is a water purification system and Wind Tree which is a windmill system to produce energy.

Ecoquest dealers pay an annual fee for the right to become a distributor. This has proven a profitable business but dealers are required to purchase certain products or make purchases at certain levels to maintain their status.

Ecoquest air purifiers are sold globally as the company conducts business in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Japan. The CEO of the company, Mike Jackson, had vast experience in the direct sales industry prior to launching Ecoquest.

Much of Jackson's experience was as a sales manager with Alpine Air which was a leader in the field of air purification systems. When Alpine encountered some problems with federal authorities, Jackson bought the air purifier business from Alpine and set up his new company, Ecoquest.

A selling point frequently used by Jackson is that Ecoquest air purifiers are produced by an evangelical Christian approach to business. In spite of this, it has been difficult for Ecoquest air purifiers to distance themselves as a product from the previous Alpine Air branding.

Legal and Regulatory Problems

Alpine had difficulties with federal regulators when it was charged with making claims that using its products would provide relief from medical conditions or remove wide varieties of air pollutants in indoor environments.

To make those claims, Alpine needed to provide proof and valid studies. The result of the charges was over a million dollars in fines paid and that led to further scrutiny and to unpaid taxes in two states.

The decisions about misstatements came in 2000 but even today Ecoquest must compete with a few sites still selling products with the previous label who warn consumers against Ecoquest unfairly.

The air purifiers are currently being renamed as the company has been purchased by Aerus Holdings in Dallas, Texas. Initially, the Ecoquest brand name was meant to stay. However, the same legal problems that Ecoquest had been trying to overcome since its inception with the purchase of Alpine eventually led to its collapse.

Ecoquest was close to bankruptcy and yet holdings of the company were valuable as the quality air purification systems were in high demand worldwide.

Neither Ecoquest nor its founder could have foreseen the long term problems that would be caused by the regulatory and tax problems of years past.

The MLM business model has been proven profitable over the years and those sellers who participated in the network marketing promotions for the products did appear to be making more money than most who participate in MLM business models.

It is likely the added stress of the economic downturn of 2007 and 2008 led Ecoquest to the brink of bankruptcy and resulted in the selling of the company. The brand name was never able to gain the same consumer recognition for its new brand name that was enjoyed by Alpine Air for 20 years.

In spring 2010, the new owners of Ecoquest announced the decision to change the product brand to Vollara. The home business opportunity will be continued and the Ecoquest air purifiers will be available but will gradually be branded with the Vollara name.


The Ecoquest air purifiers are manufactured to the same specifications as the Alpine Air original versions were. There is no question the air cleaners work well and are long lasting, sturdy products.

There was damage in recent years to the customer service sector of the company. Complaints began growing about the lack of a good return policy and about conflicting answers given by customer service representatives.

In hindsight, it is clear the problems in the area of customer service may well have been a side effect of the financial trouble the company was experiencing.

When profit is shrinking it is normal for companies to cut back on their refund policies and consumer friendly procedures that might cut into the bottom line. Unfortunately, this can damage sales and cause further financial stress for the business



These are excellent products. They are attractively designed, have a history of quality that dates back to the original Alpine product launched in 1980.

Although Alpine and now Ecoquest are no longer the names that will brand these air cleaning systems, loyal customers are still seeking out the products to purchase.

Air purifiers have continued to increase in popularity and it is hoped that under the new name, Vallara, the company will regain their status as an excellent product and win back the consumer loyalty of years past.

We often read of products that were so poorly designed or built they resulted in the end of the company that developed them. Whether through lack of sales or number of lawsuits, we know bad products can destroy a business.

In the case of Ecoquest air purifiers, the high quality of the products has carried the company through more than ten years of legal travails and challenges. It is hoped that going forward the company will focus on promoting these great air purifiers to the public.

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