Bionaire Air Purifiers are Ideal For The First Time Buyers

If you rely on a price vs. performance ratio, Bionaire air purifiers may be an option to consider. This is especially true if you are not certain that an air purifier is a product you will use long term or if you just want to see what all the fuss is about cleaning the air in your home.

Bionaire air purifiers are not a product that was developed over years to meet a specific environment or health need. These are products designed to meet consumer demand for air cleaners.

Air purification systems can be quite expensive. Product innovations and advanced filtration systems have led to a wide variety of quality air purifiers. The best on the market are quite expensive though they do last longer and require less maintenance.

The products are designed to attract those consumers who want air filtration but cannot afford the high end products. These lower cost models also appeal to homeowners who want to try an air purifier before diving into the high cost products.

The success of Bionaire air purifiers is due to the highly targeted advertising, the wide availability of the products and the reasonable prices offered. All company products are focused on comfort in your home. The company offers a variety of humidifiers, fans and heaters as well as air cleaners.


The products use a HEPA filter which is an accepted standard for improving air quality indoors. HEPA filters do not release ozone into the air and are used in everything from hospital clean rooms to home vacuum cleaners. Studies have clearly shown this type of filter does remove particulates from the air.

No matter how well you clean your home, it's possible the air indoors may have a more serious pollution problem than the air outdoors in an industrial city. This is a problem we have created in our society without realizing it.

In generations past, homes were lightly insulated and air leaked in around door and window frames. Air conditioning didn't exist and even years after the first whole house A/C units were introduced, these were luxury items only a few homeowners could afford. Homes were constructed with high ceilings and large windows and, in part, this was a design that encouraged air flow within the home and air coming into the homes from outdoors.

As we became more energy conscious, we began adding more layers of insulation in ceilings and walls of our houses. In the 1960's it was common to modernize a home with shredded insulating products that were blown in the space between inside and outside walls. Cans of foam insulating products were best sellers as homeowners attempted to insulate homes as tightly as possible.

This was done, of course, to help regulate the temperature inside the building. Heat produced by a furnace would not be lost to the cold air outside. Cooling homes with air conditioning was costly and we wanted to keep the cool air in. Bionaire air purifiers are a result of our focus on limiting the fresh air coming into our homes from outside.

The air in homes was recycled through a furnace or through an air conditioning system and the same air re-circulated day after day and month after month.

Bacteria, germs and viruses released into that home environment did not disperse while dust and other particulates floated freely in the air we were breathing.

Bionaire air purifiers are one of many systems now offered to the public as a method of reducing contaminants in the air we breathe in our homes every day.

The goal is to cycle the air through filters that will grab the particles in filters and hold them there and that will neutralize gases and odors that naturally build up indoors.


Air purifiers vary widely in quality of construction and in the number of particulates they remove from the air. Bionaire products are designed to treat the air in small rooms.

Units list square footage that is effectively treated as low as 80 square feet to 170 square feet on the higher priced Bionaire air purifiers.

For a smaller bedroom or nursery, this product might be correctly sized. However, if you plan to clean the air throughout your home you will need multiple units.

HEPA filters are used and while this is an effective air cleaning method it is the only filtration system offered unless you choose to add an ionizer.

Ionizers have come under attack recently due to increases in the ozone levels they can cause. If you are seeking an inexpensive air purifier that will remove the largest allergens from a single room, Bionaire air purifiers might fill the need.


The advertising is carefully worded for the company promotions. The claim is that up to 99% of airborne pollutants as small as 2 microns (which would include many dust particles, dander and pollen) are removed from air passing through the filter.

It does not state how much air passes through the filter in this air cleaning system. This is quite different from higher priced brands that state the percentage of pollutants removed from the air in the room.

The air cleaners offer good quality for reasonably priced products. They are quiet when in operation and do not release gases into the room as a by-product of operation.

The HEPA filters used have a long life and low maintenance requirements. Costs to operate the purifier are reasonable. Style of the product is attractive and the tower design makes it easy to place in the room.

A high number of consumer complaints have been received about the products. At least some of the complaints may be from those who expected more air cleaning ability than a low priced HEPA air cleaner could reasonably provide.

Many complaints focused on the unreliable filter meter which is meant to alert the user when a filter change is needed. A considerable number of complaints claim the units quit working shortly after delivery.

This problem might be due to over production or poor quality testing during production. The company does appear to replace faulty or defective units in response to consumer complaints.


The original Bionaire air purifiers had an excellent reputation in the marketplace. When the company was sold a few years ago some very popular models were discontinued and the customer service and quality issues multiplied. Even so, this brand remains popular as a low cost air purifier that does a reasonable job.

Of greatest concern is the number of recalls, total number of consumer complaints, negative reviews and class-action suits. Most of the issues are fairly recent and may be an indicator of poor quality control that could damage the company's reputation if problems are not addressed.

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