You Can't Go Wrong With The Aireox Air Purifier

The Aireox air purifier was introduced long before consumers and businesses realized indoor air pollution was more than dust and pollen floating in the air.

Scientists studying contaminants in the air we breathe found volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bacteria, mold spores, viruses, pet dander, dust mite debris, and many other substances in the air we inhale in homes and workplaces.

When the Aireox air purifier was introduced in the 1970s the units were built to remove not only particles of dust and pollen from the air for commercial businesses but also to address the problem of potentially toxic gases. At this time, this was a revolutionary concept but today the necessity of protecting the workforce from dangerous substances in the air is a fact of doing business.

The Aireox air purifier slogans are not new but take on a reality of indoor air today. The sub-headline of the Aireox brand is "helping people survive in a toxic world". In spite of efforts in some parts of the world to reduce air pollution, the air we breathe is often filled with particulates and gases from both manufacturing processes and from the way we live today. When you add the toxic substances that are spread through acts of nature (pollen, smoke from wildfires, etc) that we endure out of doors, you begin to understand the need to clean indoor air.

The manufacturer states "we did not invent air purification…we revolutionized it." That may well be true as the company had to educate commercial businesses about air quality at a time when polluted indoor air was not considered a major concern for businesses or workers.


Originally designed to clean the air in business environments, the Aireox air purifier is now available for home use as well. Rather than offering a multitude of styles and features, there are two basic air purifiers sold.

The D-Model 45 room air purifier features a very quiet 2-speed fan with full spectrum filtration system. Though compact and portable, this is a sturdy machine with a baked enamel finish on a metal cabinet. The paint on the unit is non-toxic zero outgasing paint while the heavy duty blower uses a sealed internal motor for long life.

The Aireox air purifier for residential rooms is one of the most popular units on the market for consumers with pollution related health problems. This air cleaner will clear the air in a 12 ft x 20 ft room (2000 cubic feet) and will recycle the air volume in the room every fifteen minutes.

It provides 100% filtration of air flowing through the filters as the design allowed no cycled air to pass around filters. The unit is 14 inches high and 10 inches wide and can be placed on the floor or on a table. A convenient built-in handle makes it easy to move the air purifier from one room to another and the machine uses less power than a 75 watt light bulb.

The D-Model 45 is recommended for asthma, allergies and other breathing problems. It is also widely recommended for those with sensitivity to various chemical fumes which is a topic seldom mentioned by air purifier ads.

The finishes used on carpeting, upholstery and clothing may be unnoticeable to the average person but can cause severe reactions to those who are sensitive to the chemicals used and to the gases and odors they release. The Aireox air purifier also removes mold spores, dust mites, pollens and particulates to .5 micron in size, formaldehyde and more from the room's air.

The D-Model 22 is an air purifier for use in automobiles. It is the most popular car air purifier on the market. The unit plugs into the car's power outlet and is a great choice for motor homes as well. It uses 12VDC and a converter is available so the unit can be moved from the car to your hotel room when traveling.

The car air purifier has a metal house with a baked enamel white finish that uses non-toxic paint. A heavy duty blower with a sealed motor provides trouble free operation with 2 quiet fan speeds. When in use the unit uses only 2 amps of power from your car's battery.

Like the room air purfier, the Aireox air purifier for vehicles removes both gases and particulates. In a closed car with heat or air conditioning that is constantly recycling odors and gases can build quickly. An air purifier designed for vehicles can help protect your health on those long road trips.


Aireox does not utilize the popular HEPA filters. This is due to the adhesive used in the HEPA process and in part is due to the focus on treating air for those with allergies or breathing problems. Similarly, the Aireox air purifier does not utilize ionization due to the ozone that is produced as a byproduct and can post a health hazard.

Aireox uses a filter combination that is unusual with 4 ½ pounds of "purafill" which is composed of carbon and potassium permanganate. In addition, the unit utilizes an electrostatic particle filter. Potassium permanganate is an oxidizer and is used by several top quality air purifier brands. It is unusual to find this high end product used in a popularly priced air purifier.

The filtering philosophy of Aireox appears to be "first, do no harm" as the company avoids use of any filter products that have been show to potentially cause air quality problems when in use. The lack of HEPA filtration prevents this air cleaner from trapping the smallest dust, pollen and dander particles but protects the consumer from gases that can be released by the adhesives of HEPA filters.

The focus of Aireox since the 1970's has been to provide an excellent air cleaning capacity without using any components that might pose a health hazard when in use. In tests and ratings of the Aireox air purifier, the results have been outstanding time after time. The car air purifier sells for under $100 while the room air units are in the $300-400 range.


The Aireox air purfier is not a new product or a machine designed with bells and whistles. This is a solid air purifier that is well built and long lasting. The focus of the company is on cleaning the air in your home or car in a way that will not have the potential for releasing any other pollutants to the air through the air cleaner.

Ratings for these products are routinely very high while the price point is low when compared to similar qualify machines of other manufacturers. This is a workhorse of an air purifier and an excellent choice for anyone who suffers from allergies or from sensitivity to VOCs.

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