Air Base Business Home Purifier

An air base business home purifier is for homeowners who take cleaning the air in their homes very seriously. Cleaning the air in a business environment requires considering the needs of many people who may be working in that business.

Business air purifiers may need to solve the problems of black mold or the fumes of hazardous chemicals that leave residual elements floating in the air. Bacteria and viruses are a concern as the variety of people visiting a business location can be a source of many different biological contaminants.

Today many home air purifiers are just as efficient as some commercial air cleaners at sanitizing the air in your house. Some of these lower cost units may be sufficient for use in an office or retail environment as well. In offices the workers may located in one central section of the business and a room air purifier can process the air in the work area quite well.

The type of air base business home purifier you choose is of critical importance. Though ionizers spread a fresh smell in the room they produce trace levels of ozone. Some people are badly affected by ozone in the air they breathe and in an office or retail location the use of an ionizing air purifier is not recommended.

A combination filtering system is the best choice for an air base business home purifier. A True HEPA filter is the best filter available for air cleaners and will trap even very small particulates and remove them from the environment.

Ultraviolet light will kill bacteria and viruses while a carbon filter will remove odors from the room. A multi-stage filtration system of True HEPA, UV light and activated carbon filter will clean the air in a business without adding ozone that may cause problems for workers or customers with respiratory problems.

Commercial Air Cleaners

There are commercial air cleaners that may be needed for certain types of businesses. A medical clinic, doctor's office, veterinarian or dental practice needs more than clean smelling air. These venues need to provide safe air that is as free of bacteria and viruses as possible.

Other businesses are concerned with removing dust, pollen and dander from the air. These include companies that manufacture credit cards with a magnetic strip that needs to be particulate free. Manufacturers of computer chips or other computer or electronic game parts have a need for the cleanest possible air in their manufacturing facility.

Dust and pollens can interfere with electrical conductivity and could prevent computer chips from properly transmitting information. The multiple filters of an air base business home purifier use True HEPA filters, carbon filters and UV light.

They may also utilize pre-filters to remove the largest particles from air before the room air passes through the True HEPA filter. The pre-filter extends the life of the replaceable HEPA filter by removing larger particles.


Reliability of an air based business home purifier is critical. A unit that stops working can cause a shutdown of work in a manufacturing plant where clean air is a necessity to producing quality products.

There are ionizing air cleaners that are designed to be used for commercial purposes. The average home ionizer is not strong enough to handle the volume of air or provide the cleaning ability for a large business facility.

There are some units built especially for commercial use. The air cleaners keep the charged air particles inside the cleaning unit rather than releasing them to the room air as most ozone producing ionizers do. They do clean air well but not to the standards of multi-stage filters of air base business home purifiers.

Tips for Choosing a Home Base Business Air Purifier

What do you need? The exact requirements of your business will help you locate the best air cleaner for your needs. If you are cleaning the air in an office that is located in your home, a good quality room air purifier may be all you need. If the unit is for use in a home office you can choose the filtration system you prefer as you don't need to worry about the allergies or sensitivities of other workers.

The volume of air to be treated is an important element in choosing an air purifier. Most products give a room size as the indicator of the power of a particular air cleaner. Those sizes assume a room with an eight foot ceiling. If your home or office has high ceiling you need to buy a more powerful unit.

Decibel testing results can be useful as fan motors on some air purifiers are quite loud. The fan that sounds quiet in a huge showroom may be overly noisy when the unit is in a smaller office setting. Manufacturers of home base business air purifiers will usually list the decibel level of their machines.

The type of air purifier you choose will also depend on whether killing bacteria and viruses are a major concern and whether off gassing is a part of your business. Furniture stores, fabric stores and other venues often stock products with chemical finishes that release off gassing into the air. These volatile organic compounds can cause allergic reactions for many people and removing the chemicals from the air is a big job for an air base business home purifier.


An air base business home purifier will provide safe, clean air to breathe for your employees, your customers or in your home based office. To buy the best product you need to first identify what you hope to accomplish with an air purifier and list your company's specific or special needs.

You may find you need a specialty product if your workplace air must be sanitized and free of bacteria and viruses to protect patient health. In a retail establishment, removing the odors and volatile organic compounds created by off gassing may be your top priority. For businesses where tobacco use is permitted, removing second hand smoke and the stale odor of burnt tobacco can be a requirement.

The best choice of air base business home purifier will be one with a multi-stage filter system. Ionizers are not often recommended and when included should be an ion generator that can be turned off and on by the user.

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